Justin Sun Gives Shout Out To New TRX Super Rep #TRONSR Sesameseed

You can see more about Tron at Tronscan.org. People are hyper-excited about being able to gain access to the new platform. You can see all the latest tweets on Twitter by following the hashtag #TRONSR. Justin Sun, one of the founders of the company is giving major shout outs to all people getting involved.

There are several websites out right now, that are showing the latest rankings. They’re typically updating every 10-15 minutes, so it’s relatively fresh. Along with that you can see the votes that are being cast for the new release.

Times are exciting for the new platform as well as anyone who made the choice to get involved. There are ton of people who are working incredibly hard in the community to achieve the new startups succeed. They’re really pushing for all peoples votes as it’s highly important they get them in as soon as possible. The Tron Foundation is getting major shout outs all over social media for the massive opportunity.

It’s truly some crazy news that is getting people worked up and ready to participate in the ongoing airdrop that is taking place. One piece of advice to follow is to make sure you are using trusted sources to protect yourself, while at the same time getting the most benefits you can.

In total the giveaway is 10,000 Ethereum which is astounding. That’s a huge number of the world’s most sought-after cryptocurrency. The giveaway is bringing a lot of people together, which seams to be a really amazing time for all involved. Now, the most important thing to do is wait to see how the coin actually functions and performs for the people who’ve put their time and energy into supporting it.

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