is TRON (TRX) better than Ethereum (ETH)

Justin Sun is TRON's leader and everything he says/does seems to have a magnifying glass on it from all over the world as people anticipate the launch of the TRX main net.

As we have been detailing over the past few weeks as everyone looks to the updates and hopefully upgrades happening in the TRON camp, Justin Sun is adding fuel to the fire by tweeting a list of features and benefits as to why he thinks TRX > ETH.

Here is the tweet by Justin Sun showcasing why TRON can out battle Ethereum in the world of blockchains.

What do you guys think about Justin's list of TRON benefits vs Ethereum shortcomings?

Justin Sun's Top 7 Reasons Why TRON is Better than Ethereum

  1. TRON = 2,000 transactions per second while Ethereum only does 25 TPS
  2. TRX offers super representatives or sovereignty of token while ETH offers ‘authoritarian rules'
  3. TRON has 100,000,000 million Decentralized application users and Ethereum has 1,000s
  4. TRX offers zero fees and ETH has ‘high fees'
  5. TRON will have coin burn while Ethereum has no coin burn
  6. TRX is offering $2,000,000,000 billion dollar bonus while ETH has 0
  7. TRON says it will have high scalability while Ethereum has poor scalability

Do you guys agree with Justin Sun's TRON biases over Ethereum?

This will surely spark a lengthy debate in the crypto world as TRON and Ethereum will be battling it out for months and maybe even years to come.

As it stands right now, June 1, 2018 – Ethereum is at $575 with a market cap of $57 billion (#2 market cap) and TRON is trading at $.06 with a market cap of $3.7 billion (#10 market cap).

Make sure you follow up on all of the latest TRON (TRX) news we have been publishing as there is alot to keep up on and new findings every single day.

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