Justin Sun's Warren Buffett Charity Meeting with Glide Foundation Will Not Focus Solely on Crypto

  • TRON Founder Justin Sun will be having lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett.
  • Their meeting will focus on topics related to, but not limited to, crypto.

What Will It Take for Crypto to Go Mainstream?

For cryptocurrency to get mainstream adoption it needs to receive a certain level of support from large institutions and for that to happen, the people who control these institutions need to believe in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

In the past, the CEO of JPMorgan had made fun of crypto and called it a scam and a worthless currency and for a long time, it was believed that the firm would never have anything to do with cryptocurrency.

Since then, JPMorgan has announced they will be launching their own cryptocurrency and it is believed that the CEO changed his mind and saw the potential for making money through cryptocurrency.

Next Wave of Crypto Adoption

Needless to say, to push the next wave of crypto adoption, powerful business people need to be convinced of its potential. This will not be an easy task as several prominent business people have spoken out against cryptocurrency one of these is legendary investor Warren Buffett.

Despite his famously anti-crypto stance, it seems one person is looking to change his mind. This person is Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, who won an auction recently to have lunch with Buffett and paid nearly $5 million for the honor with all funds going to charity.

When the news broke of Sun’s winning the charity auction, he stated that he would take some of his most persuasive friends as well as some of the leaders in crypto and would use the opportunity to educate Buffett about the potential of cryptocurrency and hopefully change his stance.

The Meeting Over Lunch

Sun has since come out to state that he is a big fan of Warren Buffett’s investment strategies and has even adopted some in the past

“I have been a believer of long-time value strategies and I also make lots of money from these strategies, so this is like a payback for Warren Buffett,” he said.

Sun is obviously looking forward to lunch with Warren Buffett and is hoping to have some discussion with him regarding crypto. However, he is being very realistic and has stated that he does not believe that he will convince Warren Buffett to buy cryptocurrency in a three-hour meeting.

Instead, Justin Sun says he intends to focus not just on Tron but the entire crypto ecosystem and blockchain as a whole and will dedicate the lunch to educating Buffett about the developments that have taken place within the crypto space rather than trying to simply sell him currency.

This is an interesting tactic as most would assume that the lunch would focus mainly on crypto. This method makes sense as a hardened crypto critic will not likely change their mind In a three-hour space and will need to be convinced that the currency is part of a larger viable ecosystem and not just a fraud which Buffet has suggested in the past.

“It’s a gambling device…there’s been a lot of frauds connected with it. There’s been disappearances, so there’s a lot lost on it,” Buffet once said.

Now, only time will tell just how effective the lunch will be and whether Buffett will come out of it finally convinced of the potential of cryptocurrency or stay firm in his ways.

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