What Is JustPay?

JustPay is a new blockchain company which offers a tokenized closed-end fund which was created to reduce the risks and the barriers that make people give on investing in the blockchain market.

JustPay Blockchain Token-As-A-Service Features

The company states that JustPay, the company’s platform, uses a token as a service business model. This means that it allows different investors to buy its tokens and be able to subscribe to the fund’s income stream and earn a profit for that.

This cryptocurrency enables users to make online payments without having to use fiat currencies. It can be a solution for either buying or selling products in e-commerce and in the retail sector. Justcoin offers for its users the chance of using third party apps (because its API is free for anybody to use), P2P payments which are made in a decentralized way.

JustPay JPC ICO Details

To buy tokens, you have to register (you do not need to use personal information, only a cryptocurrency wallet and a valid phone or email) and deposit the amount of money that you want to use to buy Justcoin tokens. The ICO will be online until the end of March and you will pay $0.25 USD per token.

If you spend more than $100 USD on Justcoin, you will receive bonuses. Check the bonus list:

  • $100-1,000 USD: 5% bonus;
  • $1,001-5,000 USD: 10% bonus;
  • $5,001-10,000 USD: 15% bonus;
  • $10,001-25,000 USD: 20% bonus;
  • $25,001 USD or more: 25% bonus.

If you share a referral link with your friends and they buy tokens, you can get 10% of the tokens they buy as a bonus for your referral (but you have to buy tokens yourself first or you will not be able to access the link that you have to use for referrals).

JustPay Verdict

Avoid JustPay. The company’s site is a mess. It barely states what this cryptocurrency is about and it is so poorly done that it looks like Justcoin can even be a scam. Because of this, ignore this company and search for a better investment elsewhere.

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