KachingCoins is an investment and trading platform that seeks to create decentralization and transparency in the investment network. Its objective is to ensure that individual investments are secure and able to have financial freedom. The KachingCoins already has a finished product, which makes Kaching Coin one of the only complete blockchain ecosystems.

About KachingCoins

The platform was created with the aim of solving the problem in which individuals interested in investing or trading from developing countries could not access the forex market or the necessary trading instruments. The platform also seeks to solve the problem where the centralized nature of institutions could not make them accountable. Kaching Coin aims at solving these problems through the implementation of blockchain technology into the financial trading arena.

KachingCoin has a blockchain-powered ecosystem. The ecosystem contains the KachingCoin token (KAC), the kaching Global that is its trading platform, Kaching Brokers, Kaching exchange, Kaching academy, Kaching R and D labs, and finally the Kaching trading tournaments. The ecosystem was built with the aim of bringing value to the Kaching coin token.

Accepted Token

The KAC token is a utility token, which will be the accepted method of payment for transactions or interactions within the platform's ecosystem. Traders or investors can use it to make deposits or withdrawals on the social trading platform without incurring any transactional charges. The token can also be used to subscribe to products and services such memberships, seminars, educational programs, and any other product found on the platform. There are two options for token holders to exchange their coins; they can use the platform or other major crypto exchanges. Participants of the ICO and referall program will receive bonuses and incentives from the platform's bounty policy.

KachingCoin ICO Information

  • Token Symbol: KAC
  • Token Pre- Sale Starts: May 1 2018
  • Token Price: 0.20 – 0.55
  • Total Supply:247 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC20

Why Invest In KachingCoin?

Efficient communication: Through the platform's user-friendly internal communication network, users can be able to communicate in a simple way or share information with each other in an efficient manner.

Diversified fund allocation: The platform allows investors to make investments in multiple trading instruments, which leads to better risk management, as investments will be spread out.

Risk management: Investors will be able to correctly and efficiently manage their own risks due to some features of the platform such as copy trading, where they can be able to emulate the actions of professional traders.

Margin trading: Traders or investors can borrow more money against their current token balance in order to participate in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Protection from depreciation: There will be a limited supply of the KAC tokens and it will be impossible to fake or print the tokens, which will maintain the value of the token.

Transactions: Transactions through the KAC tokens will be much faster and secure due to the blockchain technology as compared to the traditional methods such as wire transfers. The decentralized nature of the platform makes it an open ledger whereby all transactions can be easily monitored or tracked and thus making it completely transparent. Transactions within the KachingCoin ecosystem will not attract any fees.

Dividends: The token holders will be paid dividends from the total profits of the company each year. The reminder of the profits retained and reinvested.

Third party interference: KachingCoin guarantees its users a secure ecosystem for trading and investments due to its integration of blockchain technology, which is not hackable or open to interference from third party institutions such as governments.

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