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Have you ever wished that cryptocurrencies were easier to acquire? Kali Coin, the company that we will review on our blog today, is trying to solve this problem. Read our review to know everything about Kali Coin.

What Is Kali Coin?

Kali Coin is the name of a cryptocurrency designed to be used within an international online cryptocurrency exchange system called Coinrecoil Exchange. The idea of the company is to create an international service that will have headquarters in many countries and thus create a network of national cryptocurrency exchange in which it will be easier to acquire cryptocurrency.

The market is growing a lot right now and since 2017 the number of people using cryptocurrencies is only getting bigger and bigger. Because of this, Kali Coin and Coinrecoil were born. This company intend to be the solution for people looking for a safe and localized cryptocurrency exchanges, as there are just not enough of them to be used right now.

How Does Kali Coin Work?

The goal of the company is to create registered companies in countries all over the world, starting from India, where the company was born. This will help people who fear the legal issues that might arise from having to use a cryptocurrency exchange which has no legal representation in their countries.

They will also receive local fiat currency, so you will be able to pay for the products with the fiat currency of your country independently of where you live. This can be handy because you will not have to exchange your local currency for Bitcoin to finally be able to trade.

While the scalability of this process might be slower than to just create a global platform, to localize the service can be a good way to offer a better service for the clients. This can create a sustainable platform that will never get too overcrowded because every agency will be different.

The company has been partnering with security companies and it hosts the exchange on their own site to enable the users to be secure when they use this cryptocurrency trade. In fact, the company is very concerned with security, so there are no flaws that might make their clients be scammed in any possible way.

Kali Coin will be a token that the investors can buy at this moment to help in the fundraising for the beginning of the company and you will be able to receive profits for it later by buying the tokens back. Also, you will be able to use the platform for free while you hold Kali Coins.

To hold your Kali Coins you will have to use the Kali Wallet, a specific cryptocurrency wallet used to store them. You will have your own private keys and only you will have access to your digital money. There will also be an app for the exchange later, but it will only be released when the company is ready.

How To Invest In Kali Coin?

If you are interested to help in the fundraising of Coinrecoil Exchange by buying Kali Coin tokens, you will have to buy them during the Initial Coin Offering (because they will not be on exchanges later, unlike many other altcoins).

The pre-ICO will happen during February, while the main ICO will start during March. The price per token will vary every week. In the first week of the pre-sale, you will buy very Kali Coin by $0.035 USD. The price will be $0.04 USD in the second week and $0.045 USD in the third one. When the main ICO starts, the price will be $0.05 USD per token and $0.055 and $0.06 USD in the following weeks.

The Kali Coin Verdict

Is buying Kali Coins a good investment? It looks like it can be if you know what you are doing. There are two different types of people who might get interested in buying this type of tokens: people who want to use the exchange platform in the future and people who only want a good return on investment. In both those cases, the investors would be wise to buy the tokens soon.

If you buy the tokens really fast, your return on investment will be better. This is more important if you only want to sell the tokens because one of the most important features that you will be able to afford if you want to use the platform is using it for free during a whole year.

In both cases, we advise you to research well but know that investing in Kali Coins is not a bad idea and you might be able to get a good return on investment with Kali Coin.

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