What Is Kalikoe?

The Kalikoe project is made up of three major components: Kalikoe Blockchain, Kalikoe Wallet, and Kalikoe Social Media. All the three components work in harmony to secure the Kalikoe Diamond (KSD) cryptocoin. Most social media sites that exist today will only reward users who create content and add value to the site.

However, viewers on these platforms never earn anything. In most cases, these people on social media also have to deal with intrusive ads for the social site to make money. Kalikoe is seeking to change all that. Both the creators and the viewers will be able to earn.

The Kalikoe app will make it easy to earn crypto through the integrated reward engine. For instance, content creators will earn according to the number of up-votes they get. Another way to earn is to be involved in the discussion and voting process for the different topics and videos users like.

The third and most important way to earn is to become part of the proof of stake pool. In this pool, you will find other KSD miners who help validate the ledger. The coin holders within the social network continuously validate this ledger. A consensus group will then validate the ledger via a Proof of Stake mechanism. This will help to verify if the blockchain data is correct. If a user tries to create false data, they are penalized. The Kalikoe Wallet is found within the app for security and encryption of coins.

How Kalikoe Blockchain Social Media Crypto Wallet App Works

If a user signs up for Kalikoe, they will have to pick various thread topics. This can be vloggers, sports, or magazines they like. If a user likes a video created, they give it an up-vote and the video will move up a level in the results. However, if the video is downvoted, it will drop in the results ranking. A huge amount of comments and discussions help the video to rank high.

The aim of Kalikoe is to become the decentralized social network of the future. It has a goal of bringing the best contents and discussions globally while allowing them to earn crypto. To ensure that Kalikoe is sustainable, there are three plans:


This plan will allow users to watch and create videos for free. They will even earn KSD for interacting on social media. However, the only downside is that users will see the ads between videos and they cannot listen to the music offline.


If a user wishes to upgrade the plan to Economy, they will not see ads during the videos. They will also be able to engage customized video filters, which can enhance the videos.


This is the best plan there is. The package gives users all the features already listed. Besides that, there will be the option to play the music offline. They will also be able to be part of staking pool for mining purposes.

Kalikoe KSD Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Soft Cap: $4,567,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: $9,135,000 USD
  • Name: Kalikoe Diamond
  • Symbol: KSD
  • Type: ERC-20 token
  • Token Supply: 400,000,000 KSD
  • Decimals: 18
  • Start: TBA
  • End: TBA

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