Kambo - Offering Instant Fiat Loans

Kambo, a company established back in 2010, allows individuals to easily leverage their blockchain assets in order to secure cash loans. The main intention is to offer the possibility to get some money, without having to sell their crypto investments.

With offices in 18 countries and over 1,000 workers, Kambo provides Bitcoin and Ethereum investors with instant fiat cash loans while giving them the opportunity to hold their virtual currencies in secure wallets.

How Does Kambo Work?

It works in a very easy way. The first step is to provide information for on-boarding and verify the email and mobile phone. The second step is to specify the loan amount and apply for the loan. The third step is to deposit the cryptocurrencies on Kambo’s secure wallets. The step four is to receive 50% of the blockchain assets market value into your bank account within an hour.

Then, it will be just easy to use the cash loan for personal or business needs, and finally repay the loan and the interest. Once that’s done, the individual will receive his cryptocurrencies instantly.

It is important to mention that Kambo is not planning to do an ICO. The company is part of an already established fintech group that does not need external funding to keep its expansion plans. Moreover, all the deposits made using cryptocurrencies are held in escrow accounts at exchanges that partnered with Kambo (Bitstamp and Itbit).

kambo homepage

Why Choose Kambo? – Conclusion

  • It allows you to leverage your crypto investment. Increase your long position in your cryptocurrency asset with the low interest loan from Kambo.
  • It is a seamless process. You can get your loan very fast and easy within an hour and without having to deal with long and strenuous procedures.
  • There are no hidden fees. The only thing that the customer should pay is the interest. There are no origination, closing or any other hidden fees built-in.
  • You can terminate your loan at anytime. Kambo loans do not have a prepayment penalty. You can repay your loan anytime you’d like.
  • Regardless of your credit score, your Bitcoin or Ether assets will allow you to get cash easily and instantly.
  • Minimize capital gains tax. Liquidating short term positions is tax inefficient. Kambo provides a flexible and efficient alternative to your tax liabilities.

The Kambo Lending platform and user experience are specifically designed for an intuitive loan management. At the moment, Kambo has offices in Madrid, London, Brno, Frankfurt, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Kambo is part of the Global Kapital Group family. It has an extensive lending experience with more than 29,000 unsecured loans issued since 2015. Kambo leverages the group’s technical know-how and expertise in the lending space.

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