What Is Kambria?

Kambria is a distributed innovation platform that will attempt to foster a collaborative ecosystem to accelerate the development and advancement of next-generation robotic technology. The platform's goal is to redesign the robotics industry to enable it to deliver more affordable consumers robotics technology with more efficiency, ease and at ten times the speed compared to the existing systems.

The concept with Kambria draws their inspiration from utilizing an open robotics repository system that will comprise of high-level library and other modular hardware components. The components go into increasing the reusability and collaboration to further robotics development and interaction through the facilitation of Kambria Token (KAT)

Kambria Use Cases

As an open robotic repository, Kambria will become a decentralized open platform that will combine AI and robotics to accelerate the adoption of more impactful robotics.

Kambria will put to use their KAT token which has several use cases within the Kambria platform. These will include:

    • Establishing bounty challenges and programs where users get rewards for their successful robotics projects
    • Awarding individuals or teams involved in coding or designing of robots or the technology in use.
    • Manufacturers also get to earn the tokens by successfully producing the robots or the robotic parts
    • The token also goes to use for fundraising for robotic projects through the community members
    • KAT also works to maintain the growth of the Kambria community and its sustainability

How Kambria Blockchain AI & Robotics Platform Works

The Kambria platform will comprise of four categories of participants to sustain the robotics development. These participants comprise of

  • Developers-Kambria provides for an easy-to-use interface and tools from where developers can come up with innovative robotic technology
  • Backers-investors and financiers can back the robotic projects and developments at a fraction of the traditional cost
  • Users-Kambria delivers capable and affordable robotics services for the basic participants
  • Companies-the Kambria community provides companies with the chance to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the members and benefit.

Kambria Benefits

  • Revenue streams with the users getting to earn the Kambria Tokens for their contribution to the platform
  • The growth of Kambria is potentially possible judging from the growing robotics market and technology
  • Speedy developments in robotics technology thanks to the blockchain
  • Liquidity of the Kambria token is easily available with exchanges available for USD, Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies
  • Diversification and reduce risks since Kambria provides an opportunity for one to invest in several robotic portfolios and tested products.

Kambria KAT Token ICO Details

The Kambria project is relatively new and plans to enlist its ICO soon although the specific details are still not available. However, the platform enlists their token details and distribution plan

  • Entire community (50%)
  • A bonus system for the token holders (40%)
  • Community Fund (10%)
  • Ticker Symbol: KATT
  • Token model: ERC20
  • Token supply: 5 Billion KATT tokens

Kambria Conclusion

In a nutshell, Kambria is offering a collaborative mechanism to fuse blockchain technology and robotics and ultimately boost the flexibility of the sector to even the most basic of users. Their platform provides for innovative infrastructure that will ensure the future of robotics entails efficiency, regulations and best of all facilitate faster robotics integration. And with robotics technology having increasing applications across several industries, Kambria could be the forefront of development, syncing and adoption of robots achieving unprecedented possibilities.

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