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Are you looking for a great investment? There are so many companies using blockchain technology that it is very hard to choose the best ones. Because of this issue, you have to make a very thorough research before you actually invest in any company. You have to know the potential of every company before making the investment.

Luckily, our blog can be a great tool to help with that. We review many interesting investments for our readers. Today, our subject is a company that has been in a long time in the market but has only recently entered in the blockchain industry: Karma.

What is Karma International Token?

Karma is a company founded in 2005 that is having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) soon to generate their Karma International Tokens (KIT). The company was created with the goal of connecting exceptional and inspirational individuals socially and professionally to achieve great feats.

Today, the company is starting to use blockchain technology to create a cryptocurrency to empower membership-based communities around the globe. The company intends to offer its services to many companies that offer physical or virtual membership and also non-profit organizations.

How Does Karma International Token Work?

This new cryptocurrency will be used to give these companies a token that they can use within their own systems to reward the users of their communities. By utilizing the KIT tokens, they will be able to give loyalty rewards and regulate their systems economically.

How to Invest in Karma KIT ICO Token?

To invest in Karma, you will have to buy its Karma KIT ICO tokens during the upcoming sale. The pre-ICO was already finished at the time of this report, but the main sale is already set to be held in the first quarter of 2018.

The company is calling their Karma KIT ICO as a Token Generation Event (TGE), but it is basically the same thing as all the other ICOs that you can find on our blog. The first days of the upcoming ICO (or TGE, if you prefer that) will have discounts that will range from 25% to 3%, so you better buy your tokens soon if you want to be sure that you will buy it at the cheapest price.

You can buy a KIT token for $0.0706 USD, but you will have to use BTC, ETH or EOS to purchase these tokens.

The Karma KIT ICO Token Verdict

Is this a great investment for you? Maybe. The KIT tokens are interesting and might grow in value in the future, but they are somewhat far from the best investments that you can make.

The great advantage of investing in Karma tokens is that the company already exists for a long time, so you will not be betting on a start-up that might not make it. On the other side, there are simply other great investments out there and this might not be one of the top investments that you can make using your cryptocurrency.

If you liked this company, go for it, though. The company seems like a solid investment of your money.

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