It is no secret that our current in-store payment system has a long way to go. While issues of security are a significant problem, the lack of different currencies for payment should not be overlooked. A considerable inefficiency within the payment structures is the lack of digital currency platform. While some businesses might want to have transactions in cryptocurrency but their current point-of-sale does not accommodate such a feature. If you are a crypto enthusiast, you might also be searching for a business with a PoS solution that allows bitcoin and altcoins. However, a solution is already on the horizon thanks to Monero technological innovation.

Kasisto Point Of Sale Solution

It is a surprise that such a unique innovation comes to the market under Monero. The Kasisto project was first brought out as a Point of Sale software to send and receive payments in Monero between businesses and their customers. The program intends to roll out user cases on premises such as bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants for the initial phase. Already, Kasisto is in use at one of Berlin's famous bars, Room 77. In the future, Kasisto promises to include more businesses to offer more options to their customers.

Under the project, users will run a view-only Monero wallet with Kasisto as its endpoint. The user receives the portfolio after verification and confirmation of the subscription service. Once you want to make a payment, the mobile wallet scans a QR code to confirm. The Kasisto platform then checks in its memory pool to verify your transaction. In short, people can now send and receive money for a product or service on the blockchain, within seconds through their smartphones and at reasonably low costs.

Although Monero cryptocurrency lacks the appeal of more popular coins like Bitcoin, the Kasisto platform raises the bar. For starters, Monero provides excellent anonymity within the blockchain. This is great news especially for those who love privacy when transacting. On the other hand, mobile wallets are becoming popular, and Kasisto is an excellent way to get on board. Although the project looks promising, there is still a lot of research and regulations before we see it in the mainstream. The team of developers plans to improve the platform's usability and functionality under their milestones roadmap. Once the Beta versions are out, it won't be long before we can use Monero cash (XMR) in the real world.

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