Kaspersky Affirms New PowerGhost Crypto Mining Malware Targets Corporate Networks

Kaspersky Affirms That There Is a New Crypto Mining Malware Targeting Corporate Networks

A group of researchers from Kaspersky Lab has just discovered a new cryptojacking malware that is currently targeting corporations in multiple countries around the world. The malware is called PowerGhost and it is a fileless malware that uses the native processes of the system to hijack a computer.

According to the report, the malware has been spreading in India, Colombia, Brazil and Turkey. Once installed in the computer, it starts to mine an undisclosed cryptocurrency. Kaspersky informed that the system is stealthy and it is capable of looking like a system process and spreading across large networks quickly affecting both the servers and the workstations.

Crypjacking Software Rises In Popularity

Recently, malware that lets miners use the victim’s computer are rising in popularity and are learning new ways to be hidden. It seems that their methods are evolving over time. Cryptojacking malware is gradually replacing ransomware trojans.

The principal security researcher David Emm agrees that PowerGhost raises new concerns about crypto mining software because it looks that targeting consumers is not enough anymore, now the cybercriminals are turning their attention to companies and other enterprises, which can be a huge threat to the business community.

Other companies like Skybox Security have stated that cryptojacking has become more popular than ransomware, too, and described it as a money-making safe haven for criminals.

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