Keen Platform ICO

Keen Platform, found online at, aims to use blockchain technology to create a new ride-sharing platform. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Keen Platform?

Keen is an autonomous ride hailing platform that aims to use blockchain technology to revolutionize ride-hailing.

Keen aims to differentiate itself from platforms like Uber and Lyft by building in a decentralized environment: the organization is decentralized and autonomous. Nobody controls Keen: Keen takes care of itself.

Keen will also be available everywhere. And, because it uses blockchain as an intermediary instead of a middleman, Keen will have lower overhead expenses and lower prices.

The token sale for Keen tokens (KNT) began with a pre-sale in January 2018. The main ICO and token generation event are scheduled to take place sometime in Q2 2018.

How Does Keen Work?

Overall, Keen seeks to provide real-time ride hailing. Here’s the basic process you’ll use to hail a ride:

  • Tap on your preferred ride option to see the estimated arrival time, then enter your drop-off and pickup location
  • Your ride comes to you; you’ll see the vehicle’s details and the driver’s contact information
  • Pay your driver in cash or pay using Keen tokens; hop out and rate your driver

The project is open source. All source codes will be released to the public under MIT license. Everything built by the Keen project belongs to the community and will be kept open source.

Keen distinguishes itself from Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing platforms in a number of different ways, including a unique driver onboarding process.

Onboarding a driver on Keen is significantly different than onboarding a driver with Uber or Lyft.

The community on-boards new drivers into Keen. Unlike traditional ride-sharing services that aim to take on as many drivers as possible, Keen relies on its community to decide which new drivers are worthy of being included in the network – and which ones are not.

Every new driver will be taken on board provisionally. New drivers can offer two free rides to volunteers. The first volunteer who gets the ride will take a profile picture of the driver using their mobile app at the start of the ride, then provide confirmation at the end of the ride.

A second volunteer will take the next ride and will be shown the profile picture of the driver before the start of the ride, then provide the second confirmation at the end of the ride. This will confirm the Keen driver as a permanent driver.

In case any volunteers choose not to confirm a driver, the process will be repeated from the start.

Volunteers are chosen based on their stake in the platform (including their verified ownership of Keen tokens). riders can opt-out from taking free on-boarding rides through app settings.

The Keen platform itself is based on a fork of the Ethereum blockchain.

Features of Keen

Keen emphasizes all of the following features:

Unique Onboarding:

We mentioned the Keen onboarding process above. Platforms like Uber and Lyft have an open onboarding process. Keen forces drivers to jump through some extra hoops, including performing two free verification rides in order to be verified as a Keen driver.

Proof of Loyalty:

Keen uses a proof of loyalty (PoL) algorithm to identify members who have committed the most to Keen’s ecosystem based on the number of rides given or received, the number and duration of Keen tokens held in their wallets, the ratings received for rides taken, and for how long they’ve been a part of the Keen community as a driver or rider.

Membership Rewards:

Members with higher “loyalty” in the proof of loyalty mechanism will get preferred treatment. Members will receive a reward in the form of Keen tokens, for example, as well as ride selection priority and free rides.

Build Your Own Fleet:

As a rider, you can save certain drivers as your favorites, building a “fleet” of your preferred drivers. By default, Keen chooses the driver who is nearest to a rider’s location. However, riders can choose to ride with any of their previous drivers – like a driver who was particularly nice or reliable.

Crypto Wallet:

Keen’s mobile apps will have a built-in wallet for conducting transactions. That wallet can be used to transfer Keen tokens to other members of the ecosystem. Keen tokens are designed to be used as a store of value and a tipping mechanism.


Keen will not accept third party payment service providers. That means all payments within the platform are processed through cash or Keen tokens. Drivers can set their rates in a local currency or a Keen token. The ride’s fare will be automatically calculated from the start of the trip based on the distance and time traveled. As a rider, you can choose your preferred payment method before starting your ride.


Users can scan a public key or QR code through the app to confirm a referral, then receive a reward based on the user’s contributions to the platform.

Who’s Behind Keen Platform?

Keen is being developed by a company called Code Clusters, found online at

The company describes itself as a team of enthusiastic professionals who develop web and mobile solutions for businesses and applications of all sizes.

“Wherever we feel there’s a gap to be filled to make the world a better place, we like to be the first ones to jump in.”

The team announced the Keen project in January 2018.

The Keen Platform ICO Token Sale

Keen tokens, or KNT, are used for tipping and paying drivers in the platform.

A total of 70 million Keen tokens will be created. 52% of the tokens are allocated for the team, advisors, bounty participants, and investors (during the pre-sale and ICO). The remaining 48% of tokens will be forgeable and distributed as block rewards to validators.

The pre-sale was announced on January 16, 2018. During the pre-sale, you can buy KNT tokens at a price of 1 ETH = 8,000 KNT.

The main ICO is scheduled to take place in Q2 2018.

Keen Platform ICO Conclusion

Keen is a ride sharing platform built on blockchain technology as a decentralized organization. It’s built on a fork of the Ethereum blockchain. The goal is to provide a decentralized alternative to ride sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft, complete with lower fees, better driver verification, and easier payments.

To learn more about Keen and how it works, visit online today at The token sale is underway throughout Q1 and Q2 2018.

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