keep network

What is Keep Network?

This is a newly developed off-chain container that is used to store private data. It works as an additional layer for privacy on the Ethereum Network. It will apparently keep all contracts working at optimal performance, so the user can harness the full power of the network and public blockchain. It’s designed to help enable the deepest level of interactivity through the means of private data.

How Does the Keep Network Work?

The Keep Network is said to work on several levels. It has some of the newest, most innovative design aspects of any system in the world:

Decentralized Signing

The system works as an effective digital notary. Any contracts that need to be drafted will be done so in order to assert their identity off-chain. This will not require a third-party confirmation of any type or kind whatsoever. The network will be fully integrated with such tools as PGP, SSH and TLS. This works to keep a bridge between the public and private key infrastructure.

Dead Man Switch

This works to help correlate the correct time to release information to the public, as well as when to hide it in private. With the Dead Man Switch, keep allows you to have trusts as well as estate plans that have automatically been activated to help expose instructions as well as do other things like transfer funds.

Custodial Wallets

The same smart contracts used on Ethereum, can also be used on Keep helping generate their own cryptocurrency wallets in order to send other currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Boom for massive cross-chain exchanges.

Marketplaces for Digital Goods

With the Keep network, you also sell any type of digital services or goods with ease. It can be used to eBooks, videos, MP3’s and more. You don’t need a server of any type, you can do it through a processor that creates custom downloads.

Blockchain Storage Encryption

Keeps will bridge the gap to privately run blockchain storages software – making it easy for smart contracts to store files in a private manner. You won’t have to deal with a third party any longer. The keeps network, creates the bridge that gaps the public blockchains world as well as private data. This will enable a new, innovative wave from the start and ground up for any previous blockchain developers.

Keep Network Conclusion

The Keep Network team is composed of some of the biggest professionals in the industry. Project leader, Matt Luongo – is the head of the Keeps network. Corbin Pon is the lead developer for Operations. Antonio Salazar Cardozo is the technical leader. And Laura Wallendal is there for the sake of growth. Prashanth Irudayaraj is the ops and research specialist.

Erin Ng is one of the developer and Nik Grinkevich is another of the developers. Lastly, Jack Knutson is the community manager. If you’re into it for the long run and looking to truly breakthrough into the crypto/blockchain realm, you may want to keep a serious eye on all of these tech startups.

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