KeepPet PET ICO Review

What is KeepPet PET?

KeepPet PET is a new cryptocurrency-based platform that is focused around keeping track of your pets. For the most part, there isn’t a lot on the website when it comes to information.

Either it’s a newly developed site or it’s fraud, but at present moment it’s still had to say. They also have a clear indication about who is on the team – so, it’s very unlikely they are a scam. It’s more likely they are just in early stages of development.

How Does KeepPet Work?

Apparently, it will work with a digital application and KeepPet passport. Unfortunately, there isn’t information on what that means or is. They are developing the website, and in time should have more info as to why the KeepPet Project is important.

Apparenlty, they will also go into details about other pet databases and why the KeepPet system is a secure system. The roadmap for the company shoots all the way into the end of 2019 and mainly focuses on different phases of investments and product development.

There is a massive team behind it, although there is no real information on anyone’s social media information or person information. Just pictures with some great sounding credentials for most of them. This could be a slight red flag by some people’s consideration, but in reality, the website looks so new it’s likely just in early development and we should know more soon enough.

At some level, the app and platform work around the collection and security of pet data. Although there is no information as to why pet information should be kept so secure. Other than the pet locator, time is needed to see why this company is one to be kept watch on.

KeepPet PET ICO Conclusion

The company is in too early development to know anything about what they’re doing really. But hopefully with some more time, we will learn more about why KeepPet is a project that is so important and needs to be invested into by people who love pets and start up companies.

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