This is another cryptocurrency gambling site that has just popped up. They claim its where you can gamble with crypto and rest assured to be safe. The system is smart and setup for your convenience as well as security. It’s a coin basically that can be used by merchants to protect themselves and the gamblers as well.

What Is KeepSafe?

To merchants, apparently a lot of people have been interested in different ways to take part in cryptocurrency but have been hesitant because of so many negative reviews and responses from processors. And that is why they are building a cryptocurrency that also has merchant services as well. It’s becoming a necessary asset that is also proving to be extremely useful as well.

KeepSafe gives you the ability to fully integrate all different types of cryptocurrencies into one convenient to use API. And that means that merchants don’t have to go through the process of adding individual coins, they can do it with one simple to manage procedure. And this also simplifies the handling of all currencies in the gaming industry, thereby helping customers keep anonymous and secure with all their transactions being the same as well.

The integration with merchant services with cryptocurrencies also gives owners of KPS the chance to use their coins after they possess them and then to have very simple ways to manage them as well. All coins that have been bought can be used in any of the partners services allied with KeepSafe as a future investment. And the good thing about that is there is no waiting time when investing with future allies.

Getting a merchant account will help to support a multitude of payment method and give options in the current cryptocurrency marketplace for all partners who have allied with KeepSafe. The account will then be used as a wallet through which an API will exist that users will be able to use for depositing and managing their coins with any allied merchants.

There are currently several different partnerships in the process of happening with KeepSafe. There are more than I have room to put on this review. You can see them all at the company website at

What Is The ICO On KeepSafe?

Once they start selling tokens, 5million will go to the development team. Another 5 million will go to marketing and advertisers as well as advisors. 10 million will go to reserve and the other 80 million will be up for sale.

As for sale information, 15% of profits go to exchange liquidity, 5% to marketing, 10% to support management and maintenance services, 20% to developing the team and technologies, 25% goes to the crypto gambling sites set up and needed licensing, and25% goes to multi-currency exchange and merchant services.

Who Is Behind KeepSafe?

Jorge Diment is the CEO at JSD S.A. and has over 25 years in the gaming and gambling sector, he is also a product developer. He runs the team of about twenty people in total and as of now, they are doing a nationwide tour to meet people who are interested investing with the company.

KeepSafe In Conclusion

This could be a good company to invest with, I have a feeling like the team going on tour is going to be doing a lot of sales. I would do a lot of research into the team behind the company before doing any major investing with KeepSafe.

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