KELA focuses on the financial industry. The company aims to deal with the inefficiencies that plague modern exchanges and trading processes.

KELA—Investment Security

KELA’s vision is to provide adequate security to all its investments. The company is aware of the unexpected changes that can happen in the crypto market. To that end, the company has set aside a large part of its investment for the purchase of diamonds. If you invest a dollar in KELA, your money will be used to purchase diamonds of equal value. KELA believes in transparency and all certificates of purchase will be posted online accessible to investors. The idea is to redeem the diamonds in case there is a market fall.

KELA—Its Take On Diamonds

KELA believes that diamonds are able to retain value even in the face of monetary apocalypse. Besides, diamonds have many different uses including jewelry, industrial and medical applications. Diamond is also applicable in food and energy sectors. Even in the event of no financial apocalypse, the diamond fares well to beat the average rate of inflation.

KELA—Detailed Explanation Of Operations

Diamonds—Purchase And Storage:

Tthe company purchases through its partners in the diamond industry. This works well with its IDXUSD, which is a tradable diamond index. Each diamond coin is valued at $1.2 during the ICO period. Investors will continue to purchase diamonds 30 days after the end of ICO, while the company will purchase diamonds from the start of ICO while the tokens will be available to the public to buy avoid delays. Diamonds will be stored safely and securely using Malca-Amit. All the same, the company can change the storage location if there are better measures in future.

ICO Coins—

All ICO coins will be pre-mined initially. If the company decides to create new coins, they will be available for purchase within 30 days after the sales round. Additionally, diamonds will have a retail value equal to the coins created or sold. The company has the right to burn any remaining coin during the sales period. As noted earlier, all certificates will be available online for all investors, in line with the company’s policy on transparency.

Kela Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we cannot promise that KELA is good, so our advice is to be very careful with any cryptocurrency platform before you choose to invest. The rule of thumb is that you should always invest after gathering enough information. That’s why we urge you to keep visiting our blog for fresh reviews.

That said, some platforms are great and can yield profits in the shortest time possible. The best thing to always do is to keep visiting relevant HYIP monitors for anything new. Similarly, our blog contains useful information that could reveal some of the secrets of the crypto market and HYIPs.

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