Kelta is a new platform that is being developed that is focused around the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. You can learn a lot more about Kelta by reading the ICO on the company website. If you only go to the company website you’re not going to find out much. The webpage is bare as of now, only providing information about the ICO. That is why the whitepaper is the only way to find out about the purpose of the platform.

What Is Kelta?

The platform is operating as a crypto farm and data center. That essentially means they will be mining for coins and you can likely get in on a mining pool. The farming aspect means there is a massive group of miners that are operating at the same time. And they are likely all focused around the KLT Tokens. And each of them is worth approximately 0.00565 ETH, and if you buy them right now, you can get them for a price that is 15% discounted off the final price that will occur when the initial coin offering ends.

The platform is designed to help you target your success. And when it comes to the data aspect of it, that means that they are likely going to have ways that you can buy and sell data for tokens, products and services.

What Is The ICO On Kelta?

The current phase of the system is in the main sale aspect of the process and it is running for 25 more days before it shuts down. They are currently a little shy of their soft cap of 2.5 million, while their actual hard cap is set at 10 million.

Who Is Behind Kelta?

There is currently no information on the team who is behind Kelta, and that is not a good sign. Neither is the fact that they have not disclosed any information on the headquarters of the company or where it is located.

Kelta In Conclusion

I wouldn’t invest into Kelta personally, there is almost no information on the website, it’s almost nothing to speak of. And it is put together lazy. They are only focused on the ICO. Leave Kelta alone and save yourself the hassle of trying to invest into a company that doesn’t divulge any information or put in any effort to making their website quality with information on their platform.

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