Kerberos KRC ICO Review

Before we delve into this review, it is important for us to learn about crypto mining and its purpose. Simply put, asset mining is the process through which digital transactions are verified, and are subsequently added to a decentralised ledger (that is commonly referred to as the blockchain). It is also the process by which new altcoins are released into the commercial sphere.

In terms of how the mining is done, we can see that this process involves the aggregation of recent transactions into blocks, using which a complex digital code is then solved (to obtain currencies).

About Kerberos KRC

Kerberos is a “crypto mining company” that aims to secure alt-coins via the use of large scale digital procuration means. The company plans to create a highly stable and profitable crypto mining environment within South Africa, so as to promote the use of digital currencies within the nation.

Some of the key aspects of Kerberos KRC include:

(i) Unique Setup:

According to the company’s official whitepaper, the company will be establishing a mining farm near South Africa. This will be done due to the fact that electricity and real estate is still cheap and affordable within the African nation, thereby allowing for maximum profits.

(ii) Security:

To protect its industrial setup, Kerberos will be making use of 24/7 security personnel, as well as offsite camera monitoring methods. In addition to this, the mining plants will also be insured so as to protect all investments in case of any natural disasters.

(iii) Low Cost of Operation:

Kerberos plans to establish warehouses within SA, so as to keep overhead costs low.

(iv) Transparency:

The native mining platform will be established within the blockchain, thereby allowing for all transactions to be completely transparent. Not only that, detailed reports regarding mining transactions will be made available on the company’s website every quarter.

(v) Dividends:

Investors will be paid dividends every quarter. The exact breakdown of such monetary allocations can be checked by visiting the company website.

(vi) Legal:

All of the mining work carried out by Kerberos will be done so in a completely legal and regulated manner. Experts have been employed to oversee the company’s transactions, and ensure that everything is being done as per S.Africa’s tax and business laws.

Mining Details

Since the crypto market is currently experiencing unparalleled interest from novice/ experienced traders alike, Kerberos aims to create a setup that will be stable for a long time to come.

Also, since most of the newer crypto coins that are available today are ASIC resistant, thus the company aims to make use of GPU mining means (instead of ASIC). This is because GPU mining allows for more sustainability,and has been predicted by many experts to be the future of mining.

In terms of the currencies that the company aims to procure, some of the primary ones that Kerberos will be focusing on include: Ethereum, Musicoin, Zcash, Pirl, Ubiq, Monero and Electroneum (amongst many others).

Kerberos KRC ICO Token Details

To fund all of its operations, the company plans to make use of native tokens that will be called Kerberos. It will be primarily used to track an investor’s “initial investment and profitability”. In terms of its pricing, we can see that 1 token will be available for 0.11$ USD.

For the first coin offering, there will be a total of 10,000,000 Kerberos Coins that will be made available. The sale is scheduled to start on the 1st of April, 2018 and go on for a period of 31 days (till the 1st of May, 2018).

The ICO will be open for everyone across the globe, except for people residing in Germany and the United States. At this point, it is also important to mention that Kerberos Coin will not be minable, and will be based on the ERC20 protocol.

Kerberos KRC Token Allocation Scheme

  • 88% of the entire currency pool will be made available to investors via the crowdsale.
  • 5% of all coins will be set aside and reserved for the founders of the company.
  • Another 4% will be reserved on the company’s behalf.
  • The remaining 3% will be used for the creation of a bounty program.

Kerberos KRC Allocation of Funds

  • 90% of all raised revenue will be set aside for the purchase of hardware and development of core infrastructure.
  • 5% of all funds will be used to promote the company, and market it globally.
  • The remaining 5% has been set aside for further “Research & Development”.

For any further details regarding this platform, customers can get in touch with company officials via email. Alternatively, users can also subscribe to a free newsletter by simply dropping their email address on the homepage.

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