Keyport Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain Application Uses OP_Codes For Encrypted Messaging

Keyport, based off of the Toku protocol and built on the BCH blockchain, is an attempt in redefining messaging and promoting heightened privacy to users. According to the co-founder of Atlantislads, Shravan Shandilya, the messaging app includes encrypted messages that only the receiver can decrypt. However, to do so, there will be a small fee attached.

An interview that took place with and Shandilya explored the several features of Keyport, which according to Shandilya, is a “peer-to-peer messaging app that is built over the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Messages are encrypted and embedded in the OP_Return of a transaction – Only the intended recipient can decrypt your chats.”

The entirety of this project consists of two individuals, one being Shandilya and the other, partner of the Keyport project, Sumanth Neppali. The two have decided to collaborate based on their shared views on blockchain technology and the several projects that have come to form by simply targeting Bitcoin’s scalability problem – something that the two were passionate about.

What started off as a step towards finding ways of adoption without the need of confirmation transactions, eventually led to Keyport. Shandilya told that their approach in solving “user adoption” was problematic at first, as it had already been considered by other crypto fanatics. Namely, he stated that,

“What we observed was that merchants already had payment gateways and we should look at other ways to increase user adoption.”

While keeping a specific goal in mind, the duo eventually came across, what Shandilya believes to be “censorship on multiple platforms such as Twitter”, which according to him has become “rampant”. To figure out a solution to this particular concern, the two strongly believe that the BCH protocol was the most fit because it is both “uncensorable and decentralized”, which are the two elementary factors that highlights the privacy aspect of messaging.

Clearly, the Keyport project not only ensures that messages are kept private, but users who communicate through messaging apps are more or less in control, rather than in fear of third-party interference.

As for the Keyport community, a Telegram group was recently created as a way to welcome users to give feedback and to share their respective opinions on all related matters. Furthermore, the team announced that it is open to onboarding new developers interested in the project. Other endeavours include making the code accessible to developers for modification purposes and making Keyport compatible for iOS devices, as it is currently only suitable for Androids.

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