Kibi Coin

What Is Kibi Coin?

The Kibi Coin is a decentralized peer-to-peer coin that is not in the control of any central authority. It has been designed as an open source coin that offers multiple opportunities for investment. The coin is designed as a digital asset that can be used as a store of value. Besides that, it can be exchanged with anyone in the world at an extremely high speed with low network fees.

How Kibi Coin Crypto Staking, Lending & Trading Works

There are three ways via which, you can make a profit with the Kibi Coin. These are:


Staking is a process via which you can earn more coins; these coins can then be converted into fiat or Bitcoin at an exchange. However, unlike the Bitcoin, you will not need a powerful processor. All that you need for the coin to work is to hold the Kibi coins in your digital wall for a given period.


In the lending program, you will have an opportunity to invest in a trading bot. The bot is designed to take advantage of the volatility of Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Thus, this bot is able to make a profit continuously. This means those who utilize the lending program for Kibi coin, stand to earn a profit almost daily.


You will also have an opportunity to make a profit by buying and selling the KBC on an internal exchange created by the developers of this project. Market forces of demand and supply determine the price of these coins. You can take advantage of the falling and rising prices of the coins to make a profit. Besides the internal exchange, the coins will soon be listed on an external exchange. This will increase the trading volumes of the KBC, which will see its value grow.

The KIBI Coin Roadmap

In Q1 2018, the team developed the idea of Kibi Coin, tested the trading bot, created the website, did some security tests, and created the KBC tokens. The site was also launched at this time.

In Q2, the team expects to complete the crowdsale for the coin. These coins will be sold for $0.02. They will also launch the lending program, the staking program, a block explorer, and an internal exchange. Additionally, they will launch the wallet for the coin for Windows, Linus, and Mac.

Besides that, they will seek to be listed at an external exchange with the goal of trading at $30. In Q3 to Q4, the developers will seek to be listed on CoinMarketCap. Additionally, they will engage an aggressive marketing campaign to increase sale volumes for the coin. Finally, they will launch Android and iOS apps and the KBC Debit card. At this time, their price target will be $80.

Kibi Coin KBC Token ICO Details

  • Token: KIBI Coin
  • Ticker: KBC
  • Algorithm: SHA-26
  • Total supply: 21,000,000
  • Tokens sold at ICO: 5,000,000
  • Stage 1: April 22 –May 16 – 1000000 KBC-0.02 USD
  • Stage 2: May 17 –May 31-1000000 KBC-0.40 USD
  • Stage 3: June 31 –June 15 – 1000000 KBC-0.60 USD
  • Stage 4: June 14- June 30 – 1000000 KBC-0.80 USD
  • Stage 5: July 1- July 15 – 1000000 KBC-1 USD

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