Kik Kickstarts Kin Marketplace Beta App For Users to Earn & Spend Tokens

Kik Becomes the First Consumer App to Use Kin Blockchain

Kik Interactive, Inc. has announced its launch of new ways to earn and spend the kin cryptocurrency.

Kik Interactive is the maker of Kik, a chat platform popular where people can chat with friends and connect with chat-based services.

With the introduction of Kin, Kik has made chat themes, a new feature for customizing chat screens available to users. Kik users also have more opportunities to earn Kin, then spend their Kin on premium versions of the new chat themes feature via the Kin Marketplace Beta, a central place for Kin experiences. These are the first experiences running on the Kin Blockchain.

Blockchain is a new and complex technology, but consumers don't have to understand the technology in order to use it, said Ted Livingston, founder and CEO of Kik and Kin. The company expects that these new experiences will demonstrate how simple and seamless cryptocurrency-driven experiences can be.

The Goal of the Kik and Kin partnership

Speaking for the chat and blockchain partners, Livingston said their goal is to make Kin the most used cryptocurrency in the world and getting Kin into the hands of more Kik users is a critical step in achieving this.

Kin continues advancing its blockchain technology, which recently achieved 1.2 million transactions per day at a rate of 20 transactions per second. As Kin pushes boundaries in the blockchain space, Kik will use Kin as a pillar of its product strategy, supporting Kin's mission to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

A sample of approximately 1,000 Kik users can now earn Kin by completing tasks, including a tutorial, quizzes, and polls. In exchange for their time, users will earn a preset amount of Kin that is based on the complexity level of the task. These users will then have access to premium themes that customize a user's chat screen.

Kik plans to scale Kin-powered experiences to all users and will continue working toward introducing a creator marketplace where users will have the ability to create content, like their own chat themes, that can be accessed with Kin.

Kin runs an Ecosystem Foundation that is a Canadian nonprofit corporation established for the governance of the cryptocurrency Kin and is tasked with growing an open ecosystem of digital services. The foundation will oversee the Kin Ecosystem on matters, including development of the Kin Rewards Engine, membership, security, and the ecosystem's transition to a fully decentralized model that operates independently of Kik.

The Kin Marketplace Beta and Kin are currently available in Kik for Android devices.

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