Kill Yourself Network KYS Coin

As the population on earth grows uncontrollably, the developers of this coin have decided to capitalize on it. They intend to do this by introducing the Kill Yourself Coin. This will be the first global decentralized network of people telling each other to kill themselves.

In the modern world, giving helpful advice on the internet can be quite dangerous. Depending on where you live, you can even be sent to jail. However, with the anonymity of the KYS Coin, people can advise each other anonymously without having to worry about legal consequences.

Kill Yourself Network Is Fast

The developers have devised a way that makes communication over the Ethereum network much faster. In the past, communicating on Ethereum has been complex and limited. With the use of the KYS coin, people will be able to get their points across in a much faster way than was possible before. Besides being fast, it is also quite secure since it runs on the blockchain.

It Can Be Morally Redeemed

Regarding the morality of this whole venture, the developers of this project intend to donate 10% of all proceeds from the token to sale to suicide prevention programs. For them, taking money from people who want to give lethal advice is not wrong. They see it as simply a way to benefit from the morally irredeemable.

How Do You Send Money to Them?

If you want to send money to this project, simply send the ETH to the contact address. For it to work, you need to use an address that is ERC 20 compatible. However, they advise anyone against using a crypto coin exchange. In return, they may offer you some KYC coins.

The Bounty Program

If you want to help spread the KYS gospel, they have a great bounty program in place. This program applies to those who wish to use forums, YouTube, or social media to spread information about these coins.

To show how serious they are about this, 3% of all KYS coins will go to the bounty program. The stakes are awarded according to the quality and type of promotion. Thus, the more people you can reach, the more bounty coins you are likely to get in return.

Their Advice on Killing Yourself

If you intend to commit suicide, the developers of this program advice you to talk to your doctor. He or she will then be able to decide whether suicide is something you should even be considering.

In general, this appears to be a humorous take on something very serious. Each year, tens of thousands of people commit suicide due to depression. If they can be able to shed light on such a serious issue, the better for them. The best part about it is that they will donate 10% of all proceeds to suicide prevention programs.

The Kill Yourself Network KYS Coin ICO

The ICO for the KYS coin is expected to start towards the end of January 2018, about 12 days from now. If you would like to participate, they will provide you with an ETH address where you can send your ETH to purchase the coins.

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