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Kind Ads Token: Leadchain Foundation Blockchain Advertising?

There are 4 types of players in any advertisement ecosystem. Users, Publishers, Advertisers and App Partners. They are all facing some sort of difficulties in today’s market. Users are barraged with annoying and irrelevant ads, Publishers find it difficult to make money from their traffic, Advertisers can’t access the most effective ad formats at scale and App Partners can’t scale without building a marketplace.

Kind Ads, founded by the Leadchain Foundation has a solution to all these problems.

What Is Kind Ads?

Kind Ads has a vision to bridge gaps between publishers, advertisers, users and app providers. They have primary focus on launching a decentralized push notification network and onboarding an engaged set of publishers and advertisers. Push notifications is one of the highest converting as formats and has the potential to multiply their income dramatically. They will provide necessary tools and platform for addressing existing market inefficiencies.

The business model of Kind Ads is that 85% of all ad dollars goes to the publishers and the remaining 15% is allocated by Kind Ads to their reward pool which benefits the users and app partners.

Kind Ads Benefits

Kind Ads have many benefits to suit anyone. Below are the following:


User can universally opt out of all ads. Users use tokens in exchange for opting out of receiving ads. However, if the user wants to opt-in again they receive a new KIND token. When the users opt in, they get to decide who is allowed to communicate directly with them. The opted in users are allocated tokens from the rewards pool.


Publishers sign up for Kind Ads Ecosystem by verifying their domain. They can then anonymously share their Kind Ads Score. Having complete autonomy, they get to choose the app partners and advertisers they engage with. Daily tokens are allocated on ad impressions served and the reward pool.


Advertisers get to choose Publishers and the channels that they are going through. Ads can be uploaded by advertisers once they have been purchased. The ads have to be approved by publishers before any token transfer is done. Ad revision is allowed if publishers want advertisers to make changes. They can buy tokens to access publisher database.


App partners can effortlessly integrate with the API. They can receive tokens as payments and receive daily payments from reward pool on app usage. Advertisers and Publishers will be able to view competing app providers side by side and select the best fits their business needs.

Kind Ads Key Features

  • They provide a decentralized quality and reputation score for domains and publishers.
  • A decentralized network for advertisers to transact with publishers to gain subscriber access.
  • A tokenized rewards pool
  • A global opt-out list for users which helps to maintain quality.
  • Daily reconciliations and payments which enables publishers to be more aggressive in re-investing.
  • Empowering small quality publishers by interacting directly with them.
  • Multiple high converting formats.
  • No fees are charged by the Kind Ads Ecosystem which is in stark contrast to what most networks charge.

Kind Ads Token Economy

KIND token is an ERC20 compliant token built on the Ethereum blockchain and is defined by an open-source smart contract. These tokens can be utilized in all kinds of transaction in the Kind Ads Ecosystem. Tokens can be used to pay publishers on a daily basis, used by advertisers to purchase ads from publishers on the network, used by users to opt in and out of the Kind Ads Ecosystem and is used to allocate the daily reward pool for publishers, users and app providers.

Kind Ads Conclusion

The Leadchain wants to set a decentralized trust protocol for domains and Publishers through Kind Ads.

You can find out more about their product and keep updated on their token sale on their website



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