What Is Kinesis?

KINESIS is a game-changing digital monetary platform that is reliable and can be accessed by users globally. This makes it the latest evolutionary step, beating all other monetary systems available in the world today. The system treats money both as a medium of exchange and as a store of value of a commodity.

Users of the platform get rewards by attaching a unique variety of yield system. This aspect encourages the use of Kinesis as a currency, while at the same time proportionately distributing the created wealth back with a lot of speed.

Kinesis Gold & Silver Crypto Monetary System Features


The platform protects its users by putting in place high-end digital security system across all its blockchain networks and data storage technologies. This massive development enables Kinesis users to enjoy high data security without fear of hacking.


Kinesis has employed in its ecosystem the stellar blockchain network, which has the capability of running a number of transactions ranging above 3000 in a matter of seconds. This enables the users to obtain quick results of data confirmation and general crypto information.


Kinesis has a range of rewards to those who participate. The rewards range from provisions of both passive and active rewards to offering of a unique multifaceted yield system that sees its use as a currency.

Kinesis Debit Card

Kinesis currencies will soon be a common medium of exchange globally. This is because it is designed for use by common people globally. The Card will enable those who embrace Kinesis to transact with a lot of ease. Moreover, holders will have the privilege of exchanging Kinesis for other Fiat currencies such as USD willingly.

The Kinesis Currency

November 2018 is the year for the launch of Kinesis currencies. Kinesis coins are minted as a physical representation of precious metals with the cryptocureency bases of 1:1 in mind (for coins in the KAU and KAG currency systems). Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) will manage the creation , minting and emission of digital currencies from a unique wholesale marketplace. Minters of the digital currencies will enjoy a lifetime reward of their contribution.

The Kinesis eWallet

The Kinesis wallet, with a very clean and easy to use interface has an in-house design, which is capable of accommodating all Kinesis currencies. This makes the currencies consolidated thus easily accessible and manageable.

Users can transact in Kinesis to Kinesis account in the currency set. They also have the privilege of eliminating the need for lengthy account keys by naming their personal accounts at will. Moreover, users can transact repeatedly and still save payees. Kinesis users also have their transactions secured by an optional multi-signatory function. Finally, the Kinesis wallet holders have a sign and verify feature that protects the Kinesis transactions.

Kinesis Velocity Token KVT Coin & ICO Details

Kinesis launched the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT)—the token that proportionately rewards participants to the Kinesis Monetary System growth.

KVT’s members do not exceed 300,000 and holders of the KVT tokens receive a 20% share of transaction fees proportionately from the Kinesis Monetary system. This creates another income layer on top of the normal token value for the token holders.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Bonus Rate: 2.5% ends 9th Sept 2018
  • Min. KVT Purchase: 1 KVT
  • Token Value: 1 KVT = $1,000 USD
  • Max. KVT Purchase: No
  • Hard Cap: 300,000

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