Kineticex Revolution

What Is Kineticex Revolution?

KINETICEX is an online digital payment solution based on blockchain technology. The platform focuses on the development of a secure system on which cryptocurrency enthusiasts can process and store digital transactions.

The platform mission is the provision of a simple, transparent and secure cryptocurrency platform for all individuals through the creation of a stable digital currency that has high value and distribution on the Ethereum blockchain that will attract all people to the world of cryptocurrency.

The platform is an innovative one and can be used by merchants and individuals worldwide on shopping websites they use while their identity is proved. The platform offers a solution whereby users can only send and receive money online and be able to withdraw it at any place in the world through the use of ATM systems.

The platform aims at the synchronization of its hardware and links it to its fast and secure blockchain to be used for online shopping and withdrawals at any ATM in the whole world.

How Kineticex Revolution Blockchain Payments Platform Works

The platform also contains a mobile application to ensure that all things are made available and accessible through the mobile phones. The system of the Kineticex platform is fast, secure and fully automated allowing its users to send, receive and also withdraw money by use of the application. The designing of the platform is to change the accessibility and usage of digital currency by keeping users in total control of the funds.

Users of the platform can use its token known, as the KRC token to participate in different transactions be it online or offline. The tokens can also be exchanged into FIAT currency in a simple and secure manner without involving third parties. The Kineticex tokens are specifically designed to allow anyone get access to cryptocurrency. After users install the mobile application, the KRC tokens are added to their wallets with basis on their mining experience.

Kineticex Revolution Benefits

Low Operational Cost

The platform does not charge conversion fees to users when spending their cryptocurrencies worldwide. The platform ensures its convenience while using its tokens at merchants. The system is intelligently designed giving users ease of mind while using it.

Worldwide Payments

The platform aims at making cryptocurrency easy to learn and use by making it secure, powerful, and accessible globally. It provides a payment service based on blockchain to be used around the world.

Real-Time Tracing

The Ethereum blockchain that the platform uses provides a main ledger, which makes transactions automatic, transparent, and secure and can easily be monitored by its users. Users get real time notifications whenever they use services at any place. Users can easily lock and unlock their personal accounts for security purposes.

Take Your Control

Users have full control of their operations in that they can send and receive funds through the system all through the one mobile application. The withdrawal of the funds of the user can also be done from any ATM worldwide.

Kineticex Revolution KRC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: KRC
  • Token sale date: August 15th, 2018
  • Accepted payment methods: ETH
  • Total token supply: 500,000,000 KRC
  • Soft cap: 7500 ETH
  • Hard cap: 68750 ETH

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