Kinguin is one of the cryptocurrency companies that is pioneering the go-to virtual marketplace. And it’s designed for everything from buying to selling-second hand games and in game items. And the platform is supposedly changing consistently.

The website is the next logical step that is logical for the system. It’s a evolutionary progression that is the way to move the company to a decentralized platform that will give users the ability to play games at a conversational level and trade them as well. They’ll also be able to distribute and trade items within gams and offer services related to the games. This in turn will allow for a system with a lot of options. is basically launching a brand-new world where the whole of it is determined and created by the developers, publishers and gamers as well. The platform gives users a new method of trade that isn’t seen elsewhere and will also help them with the aspect of monetization. Thereby creating a new system on a worldwide economy that is focused around gamers.

And with the Kinguin ICO, there will be fuel for the further development of the system and platform. Any of the proposed features are put back into the control of the gaming community’s decision and hands.

This is something that is one of the main focuses of Kinguin, they are firmly dedicated to the entire process and idea. And that is why only 10% of the Krowns are that are raised through the ICO are going to be circulated back into the gaming community on a worldwide scale. This in turn will help to reward players, creators and everyone in between.

What Is Kinguin?

The token name is the KROWNS, it is an ERC-23 standard token that has a hard cap of $50,000,000 USD. And there is a Pre-ICO hard cap of the token for the sales going from Marh 15th to March 30tj, 2018. The hard cap for that period of time is $8,000,000 USD and the Pre-ICO Discount is 20%.

To buy in to the ICO you just have to put in $5,000 USD and that equals to about 0.4 BTC. Countries that can’t and won’t participate are USA, Korea, and China. All of it needs an AML and KYC as required.

If you want to know more, you can see the roadmap and learn everything there is about the company on the website at The website is actually hard to follow but has a lot of information. It’s creatively developed but could be a bit confusing for some people.

Who Is Behind Kinguin?

The website is reminiscent of an old video game, the team is thee guys, there isn’t a lot of info on them and the pictures are a bit grainy. I wouldn’t trust the team section in full by any means. But there is something, there isn’t a disclosure on the company headquarters though. And that is a very bad sign.

Also, there is no way to verify the team. This is literally something I write in a multitude of reviews. But there is a reason for it, it’s because the team and platform show a complete and total lack of transparency.

Kinguin In Conclusion

Before you invest with these guys, I would serious consider investing elsewhere. They provide miniscule information on a majority of the site, there isn’t a lot going into it. It’s setup more like a video game of sorts, but in reality, is very confusing. I suggest you find another company to work with, because they seem a little off and not a smart investment.

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