KitKatt KKT Coin

Kitkatt Coin is a digital currency that’s designed to explore the limitless opportunities of cryptocurrencies.  Kitkatt Coin seeks to establish a secure and stable platform that has a loyal following of eager web lovers that are open to endless possibilities. Their ICO starts mid-January to almost the end of February where the KKT token will be sold.

KitKatt KKT Coin ICO

The Kitkatt token (KKT) will be offered to the public through an ICO and it’s expected to be a valuable asset to have. The ICO is designed to attract big investors who will contribute to getting it into big crytpocurrency markets. The following activities are in association of the KKT token:

  • First crowdsale – this will help provide you with a secure digital currency that will help take advantage of opportunities in the crypto space.
  • Exclusive rights – For each token that one invests, they earn a double token holder right that are exclusive
  • Dividends – Token holders are entitled to receive dividends that are equal to the token holders shares.
  • Shares – There’s also the option of converting the tokens that one holds into ordinary shares.

Kitkatt Coin Price Packages

Kitkatt intends to carry out four crowdsales that will be priced as follows:

  • 1st crowdsale – 3,000,000 coins @ 0.1 USD
  • 2nd crowdsale – 7,000,000 coins @0.15 USD
  • 3rd crowdsale – 10,000,000 coins @ 0.22 USD
  • 4th crowdsale – 10,000,000 coins @ 0.3 USD

Why Kitkatt Coin?

One of the main reasons that make KKT coin stand out is because of its attractive compensation to investors. Not only does an investor gain in terms of owning the KKT token but they are also rewarded for their knowledge of the community. The system handling the KKT coin is robust and full of potential for growth which will benefit its community.

The KKT coin also creates an initiative step that’s geared towards adoption of cryprocurrencies on a  global platform The coin’s exchange is decentralized which in turn allows for faster and easier transactions. This community driven coin hopes for mass adoption in a way that will change the cryptocurrency game.

KitKatt KKT Coin Roadmap

Here is a chronology of the Kitkatt journey:

  • Jan 2018 – Launch of ICO
  • Feb 2018 – End of ICO, enabling of web wallet
  • March 2018 – Smart contract
  • April 2018 – Adding of an exchange, adding Coin market cap
  • May 2018 – Enabling of android wallet
  • June 2018 – Mining pool, start of KKT foundation
  • July 2018 – KKT coin addition to major exchanges
  • Aug 2018 – Mobile app
  • Sep 2018 – Partnerships with big companies
  • Oct 2018 – Release of alpha

KitKatt KKT Coin Conclusion

Upon a successful ICO, Kitkatt intends to have the coin listed on exchanges. The model believes in a bottom up kind of economy that only supports the KKT coin as the mode of payment.

Their immediate focus is trying to solve the talent crisis that’s rocking the blockchain community. This will be done by monetizing the talent holders and offering incredible compensation for their talents. Kitkatt intends to work with influencers in the Blockchain to fasten adoption of the coin

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