It Is Time You Joined The KITTYRACE

Investments are becoming interesting each day; to ensure they are keeping you engaged. The KITTYRACE is one you should think of joining as it is a smart contract game that has combined both chance and skill.

The CRYPTOKITTIES will be competing for a winner that will be in a position to take the whole pot of Ethereum, doesn’t this sound something interesting.

The Rules Of The Game

The game has been designed to ensure any individual can participate, actually anyone can spectate with no participation in the game. There will be a maximum of 10 KITTIES in each race, and each racer will be expected to pay an entry fee of 0.005 ETH.

Anyone can process or even execute a race by merely calling the KITTYRACE Contract, the reason being this particular action will need some gas fees that will be paid to the miners.

The race executors will be reimbursed around 0.0005 ETH per race. The final prize that you will receive as a winner equals the entry fee minus the cost of processing the particular race.

Once the race starts you will receive a score, and the ratings has been based on three components. The individual who will have the highest score wins the race.

kitty race home page

So Go Ahead And Join The Race

It sounds like a fascinating opportunity to be a part of so why not participate in the next race. The first thing you will need is to adopt a CRYPTOKITTY; it will only take you a few minutes.

Click the join button and follow all the instructions presented to you. Once you are done you will be excepted to pay the entry fee, which has been priced at a very reasonable rate, so why not join the next race and enjoy the thrill.

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