Klayman LLC Launched By Blockchain Attorney For Crypto Consulting & Token Advisory

The legal practice is constantly diversifying based on clients’ needs. Now, blockchain and digital token sales are evolving into the legal space. A notable attorney Joshua Ashley Klayman recently left her firm Morrison and Foerster LLP to start her own boutique firm in the blockchain and digital token sale industry.

The legal field may be especially useful navigating ICOs, which are increasingly becoming regulated. Further, attorneys who specialize in blockchain and ICOs can help clients navigate the field, which is always evolving.

In addition to founding her own firm, Klayman has also announced her work consulting with a global firm called Shearman and Sterling LLP. The firm has 900 lawyers and 22 offices worldwide and it specializes in advising corporations, financial institutions, and emerging growth companies.

Andrea Tinianow, an attorney and the founding director of Delaware Blockchain Initiative, said of Kayman the following,

“She zeros in on key issues quickly, creating effective, novel solutions, particularly for clients looking to innovate using blockchain technology. She works collaboratively to ensure that clients obtain the very best result. She is willing to speak up on unpopular or difficult issues, even when those around her are willing to stay silent.”

Klayman is currently working at her firm, representing clients ranging from “household names” to startup corporations, such as token sellers. Her work focuses on helping companies and individuals navigate blockchain, smart contracts, digital token sales, and the like. With her knowledge and expertise, clients may be able to get the quality representation that they are striving for.

The founder of Elara had nothing but positive things to say about Klayman. In his words,

“Utilizing these skills, coupled with her participation in leadership in various legal grounds and her relationships with other top lawyers globally. She is able to bring a unique and valued perspective in her advice to clients.”

In addition to establishing her flourishing legal practice, Klayman is launching a consulting firm for blockchain technology called Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, LLC, which will provide strategy and consulting services. According to Klayman, Blockchain technology may bring about a fundamental shift in the way parties relate to one another.

In her words,

“I am so thankful for the blockchain and crypto community, not only for igniting in me an intellectual passion and for the many deep, true friendships that I have made, but also for the tremendous opportunity to venture out on my own. In the blockchain space, we have a wide open opportunity. This is an exciting time and, for me, an exciting day.”

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