Kleos KLS ICO Review

Whether it entails asking questions regarding basic needs or homework help, consumers lean towards the internet to get the help required. More specifically, there are many websites that are dedicated towards questions and answering basis. Unfortunately, a win-win situation is never really present, as those providing an answer do not get compensated for them and those asking the questions will never know whether the answers provided are of high accuracy or not. This is where the Kleos KLS comes into play.

The purpose of this retrospect is to assess the usefulness of Kleos, a content-based blockchain and token. Information regarding its intentions, potential users, and token sales will be provided along the way.

What is Kleos KLS?

As previously mentioned, Kleos (KLS) is a question-answer platform designed to provide consumers with expert and accurate answers while compensating those providing the answers. By doing so, a win-win situation will be created on both ends with the possibility of attaining credibility.

Kleos KLS is based on an advertising-free basis and works towards eliminating the barriers associated with adblockers. Someone who is merely part of the general public can benefit from the Kleos as well as content creators, readers and curators, traders and investors and finally, website owners.

 How Does the Kleos Token Come into Play?

For every high quality content created, the creators and curators of the content will be compensated instead of merely the owners. Simply put, there is a reward for participating in question-answer discussions, where the reward is only attained when an individual asking the question assesses the quality and accuracy of the response.

This is more likely to encourage people to acquire new information, while indirectly connecting with a community. Furthermore, more time will be taken to ensure quality is on par prior to posting.

 What Can Be Said About Kleos KLS ICO Token Sales?

Based on the numbers provided, the total tokens supply as of today is 300 million KLS, with the pre-sale taking place between February 5th and 26th. The pre-sale exchange is 1 Ethereum (ETH) for 6500 KLS, whereas the main sales will only offer 5000 KLS for a single ETH. Other accepted currencies include Bitcoin, USD and Euros.

With the fundings collected, the majority of the proceeds will go to the software development (i.e. 50%) followed by marketing and other expenses.

Final Thoughts on Kleos KLS ICO

Overall, increasing community involvement in an online setting is smart given that many questions are typically answered via the internet. Making a KLS rewards system not only increases participation, but it also allows one to trust the accuracy of the information provided and its uses can benefit all parties involved. While the concept is clear, more information needs to be provided as to what can be expected from the team.

In addition, both the white list and roadmap lack detail, which both deal with transparency of information. To get the latest news on KLS, go to: https://www.kleostoken.com.


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