is a platform where users can share their knowledge in exchange for tokenized rewards. Here’s our review.

What Is Knowledge? is a blockchain-based platform that rewards shared knowledge. The company just announced an ICO for January 2018. is designed to foster the growth of a knowledge-based economy that emphasizes the production, distribution, and use of knowledge.

Do you have unique knowledge that could benefit the world? Today, many people struggle to access knowledge – despite the fact that people around the world might have that knowledge. There isn’t an easy, transparent, and secure way to share that knowledge with the world. That’s a system that wants to create.

How Does Knowledge Work? is a blockchain-based knowledge sharing platform powered by decentralized networks of people who offer their unique knowledge to anyone willing to pay for it.

Users of the platform are rewarded with Knowledge tokens. This leads to the creation of a decentralized knowledge sharing ecosystem where knowledge flows between advertisers, partners, and users for the benefit of the entire community. Some of the key areas where could deliver benefits include commerce, education, and employment. specifically mentions platforms like Quora and LinkedIn as examples of a knowledge-based ecosystem. LinkedIn, for example, connects employers and knowledge workers, and users can answer questions on LinkedIn in their specific areas of expertise. Quora works in a different way, facilitating knowledge sharing through open networks of community-identified experts.

The problem with LinkedIn and Quora is that users don’t always retain ownership or exert control over their content. Users can share knowledge with the platform, only to have that knowledge shared for free and used all over the internet – or even sold by third parties for a profit. also has a validation system. It gives users a way to validate each other’s knowledge and expertise, while at the same time connecting experts with advertisers who can conduct transactions using Knowledge tokens.

Knowledge tokens are a reward for providing your knowledge and expertise to the platform. You can spend Knowledge tokens on products within the ecosystem. Advertisers can also spend Knowledge tokens to buy advertisements within the ecosystem. Knowledge tokens are the only accepted currency on the platform.

Users will be ranked on their expertise in particular topics. will have a level-based system fueled by “Knowledge Score” technology. The technology is based on over 10 million questions across a wide range of topics, created by partnerships with big data companies. According to a press release from the company, they’re expecting this data to generate “a virtually endless supply of topic-based questions and answers.”

The Knowledge ICO

The ICO begins on January 15, 2018. 50 million Knowledge tokens will be available for sale. Funds raised from the crowdsale will be used to continue development of the knowledge sharing platform, with most of the proceeds going towards growth of the company.

25 million tokens will also be available during the pre-sale. There’s a total supply of 250 million tokens.

The pre-sale takes place from January 15 to January 23, with the main token sale scheduled for January 24 to February 25. BTC, LTC, ETH, and wire transfers are accepted during the sale, and bonuses of up to 50% are available.

Of the remaining tokens, 50% are reserved for a meta-mining fund, 20% are reserved for the team, and 5% is reserved for the KnowledgeStars system.

Knowledge tokens are the sole method of payment usable on the ecosystem. Advertisers who wish to participate with will need to purchase tokens.

Knowledge Features

Knowledge Graph:

The Knowledge Graph will feature the Knowledge Scores of users. A user’s knowledge on various topics will be tracked by the platform over time. By integrating with the International Knowledge League (IKL) platform, educators, employers, advocates, and others can value and exchange knowledge through proprietary or gamified interactions (IKL’s development team is leading development on

Knowledge Funnel:

The Knowledge Funnel can be used to by advertisers to create knowledge-appropriate messages for potential and current customers. Advertisers can see the progression of Knowledge Scores over time, then get a breakdown of audiences within each segment.

Knowledge Tokens:

Data pools that interact with the platform (say, by providing data for questions) are rewarded with tokens for contributing knowledge. The Knowledge token is mined not by cryptographic hashing, but by solving questions, or by using websites and apps that have some associated knowledge value.

Players And Users Earn Tokens: aims to be a fun and easy way for users to compete for knowledge, gain recognition for knowledge, and be rewarded for their unique skills. They can take things to the next level and become a Knowledge Star, for example.

Seller Marketplace: will have a “Seller Marketplace” where users can offer knowledge on products and services within their area of expertise. Proven and trusted knowledge experts can influence the opinion of brands, products, services, and solutions.

Who’s Behind Knowledge? is led by Steven Englander (Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer), Marcia Hales (Chief Operations Officer), and Christian Gartner (Chief Financial Officer). Most members of the team come from the International Knowledge League, or IKL, which has partnered with universities like Oxford to create a database of questions. IKL is best known for a game called Trivia Spar, which uses proprietary technology that allows advertisers to target audiences based on a user’s knowledge score associated with topics of interest. has also partnered with GamingGrids, which has 5 million monthly active users (MAUs). Within 6 months of the launch of Trivia Spar, the company hopes to have 250,000 MAU.

Knowledge Conclusion is a unique platform that aims to encourage the creation of a knowledge-based ecosystem. In this ecosystem, participants are rewarded for sharing question and answer data with the platform. The ecosystem revolves around the use of Knowledge Tokens, which are “mined” by solving questions.

To learn more about the platform and its upcoming ICO, visit online today at

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