Kochava is a well-known digital marketing company that has recently unveiled it has devoted resources to develop a digital advertising solution that is based around blockchain technology in a decentralized, peer-to-peer manner that is more efficient and less complex than current methods.

What Is Kochava?

Headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho, Kochava is a large-scale mobile attribution and analytics platform. The company has a history of working with major, global brands since its inception in 2011.

Kochava’s CEO, Charles F. Manning, has been with the company since its founding. Prior to Kochava, Manning has been involved in several tech companies as an executive; many of these companies were purchased by even larger ones, their technology being integrated into a number of retail products.

Kochava Product

Kochava offers several different products and services for companies large and small in order to leverage digital marketing. However, it’s most groundbreaking new product, currently still in development, is a blockchain-based advertising platform known as XCHNG. This digital advertising solution uses the transparency, scalability, and decentralized nature of blockchain ledgers to its advantage in order to provide better digital marketing services to global companies.

Kochava has revealed that smart contracts will play a large role in facilitating these services. Additionally, it plans to develop a digital token associated with its XCHNG blockchain-based marketing solution. While there is no indications of when there may be an ICO in the future – or if there even will be one – interested parties can fill out a form on the Kochava website to seek further information.

Kochava Opportunity

The offer provided by Kochava – and its nascent XCHNG blockchain-based digital advertising technology – to learn more about its upcoming service may lead to business opportunities in the not-so distant future.

Kochava Verdict

Kochava is a highly respected and innovative digital advertising company. They’re successfully harnessed big data analysis for years, and they have an impressive track record for managing online and mobile marketing campaigns for big-name corporations such as Nike, McDonald’s, Verizon, Warner Brothers, and countless others. If there’s any company that has the resources to devote to developing a blockchain-backed digital marketing product or service, and enough industry clout to get it off the ground. Kochava is most certainly that company.

As far as the XCHNG token sale or ICO, it’s much too early to speculate on that possibility, though it is highly likely that any token associated with XCHNG will be pre-mined and subject to strict control by the company itself. However, submitting your contact information to Kochava regarding XCHNG’s development progress is a surefire way to gain some additional information about this new, currently still in-development tech.

Will XCHNG completely revolutionize the world of digital marketing? That’s not known. Does Kochava’s keen interest in its development signal a sea change for using blockchain ledger technologies in business sectors that are only tangentially connected to the financial tech sector? Absolutely. We’re likely to see more of this type of activity in the future from any number of well-established (and well-heeled) companies looking to harness the power of transparent decentralization in the form of blockchain databases.

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