What Is Koios?

Koios is a blockchain company which was created with the objective of democratizing artificial intelligence (AI). You have probably heard of AI. It is not something out of science fiction today, but something that is becoming more and more useful as time as passes and more and more common. Because of this, Koios has made the move to transform AI into something even more popular.

People from many industries all over the world are looking forward to improve their businesses by using AI and the company estimates that the world will be spending $57.6 billion USD in AI in 2021. This is a huge market with plenty of unexplored potential, so it can be explored.

How Koios Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Coin Works

Koios has created many tools to aid people. One of them is the AI Lab. It will be a development platform for developers who want to access a library of tools that can help them to improving their own AI algorithms. This can accelerate the development of AI for these companies.

Another invention of Koios is the Titan Protocol. This protocol enables any user to rent their CPU power to the platform and earn tokens. This way, the platform can get computational power from many sources and the people from these sources can earn money in form of tokens for their unused power.

Finally, there is also the Neural Net, a marketplace which works as a library of AI and ML content for the users. Developers will be able to submit their work on machine learning algorithms, unstructured data, structured data, AI constructs and pre-trained machine learning models. If a person wants to use these inventions, it can just buy them.

These three parts of the Koios Platform form the Koios ecosystem. First, the user can develop its work and accelerate the process for creating it, while decentralizing it via the Titan Protocol to use somebody’s power to get results even faster and then finally deploy its work to be sold on the marketplace constructed by the company, the Neural Net.

Koios KOI ICO Details

Koios Tokens will power the Koios Platform and be used as the official currency of the platform. They will act as a way for the users to make transactions and a small fee will be paid with every transaction like buying an AI program, which will be the profit of the company.

Only 1,000,000,000 Koios Tokens (KOI) will be made at once in the token generation event, which will be followed by the sale. The private sale will happen first. It will happen during 24 hours on April 16 and only 50 participants with big investments will be allowed in this part of the sale.

The public sale will happen later, on April 23 and it will last until May 7. The company will release more information about it in the future.

Koios Verdict

The creators of the Koios Platform seem to have a talent for looking at the market and understanding its needs because this looks like a very useful platform for the current time. Because of this, there are great chances that Koios will be a success and that this company will achieve its objectives in the long term while also helping others to develop better AIs.

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