Kosher Factor Network aims to create “the future of online verification.” Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Kosher Factor Network?

Kosher Factor Network, or KFA, is a new authentication system that allows users to log onto any website on the internet in a secure, fast, and easy way.

Obviously, there are a number of groups trying to make the “next” authentication system for the internet. Many of these groups have created password-less systems. The authentication system of the future will rely less on passwords than authentication systems of the past.

The token sale for KFA tokens – which are used to pay subscription fees to the authentication platform – is underway from March 1 to April 29, 2018.

Let’s take a closer look at how Kosher Factor authentication works.

How Kosher Factor Authentication Biometric Authentication Works

Kosher Factor authentication allows users to log onto any website on the internet using biometric verification.

“Biometric verification” includes fingerprint authentication (like Apple’s TouchID) and iris verification.

All humans have unique measurable biometric characteristics – including fingerprints and irises. These biometric identification systems cannot be hacked, duplicated, or forgotten. These characteristics make you who you are, making them a perfect verification system for the internet of the future.

Kosher Factor Network aims to create “the most secure method of logging in to any website.” You can log into any website using your fingerprint from any device.

Most telecommunication companies have developed biometric identification systems. However, many of these companies and technologies – including Apples TouchID and FaceID – refuse to work with one another. The companies have created powerful identification systems, but they have no incentive to share them with the world.

That’s why the team created the Kosher Factor Network. It’s designed to act as a unifying verification system.

The team’s RFC-compliant authentication platform will plug into all verification systems developed by tech companies. This data is then synced up with website databases via secure server data transfer, allowing users to authenticate themselves using their fingerprints, face, or iris.

Using the Kosher Factor KFA method, you can log into any website using your fingerprint or other biometric details. You don’t need to enter a password or username.

The first goal of the project is to release three technologies:

  • Desktop Scanner
  • NIR Iris Scanner Webcam
  • Kosher Desktop Web Browser

The first two technologies will allow for desktop verification access. The team will also release their own browser called the Kosher Desktop Web Browser. That web browser will automatically log you into all websites.

In addition to their own browser, Kosher’s team is launching its own browser-based web extension.

Once these technologies are available, you’ll be able to access millions of KFA-enabled websites on your smartphone or laptop. You’ll also be able to use your existing fingerprint and iris verification systems – like on your iPhone or Windows computer.

Kosher Factor Network Features

Kosher Factor Network is advertising all of the following features with its authentication system:

Local And Cloud Applications:

KFA can be integrated into cloud and local applications easily.

Secure Authentication:

Biometric identification is the most secure way to verify users.

Single Sign-On:

There’s a growing number of websites and applications that all have unique logins. It’s time we built a better system instead of forcing users to have 1 billion different email and password combinations. Kosher Factor Network creates a single sign-on while remaining secure.

Third Party Integration:

Third party applications integrate seamlessly with the KFA platform, with new apps added on request.

Easy User Data Management:

Kosher Factor Network has a developer console where developers and website admins can manage user data. Admins can approve and/or revoke user access as needed.

Ease Of Use:

Kosher Factor Network’s one-touch authentication method using a fingerprint identification is the easiest and most efficient way to login to any online service.

The Kosher Factor Network KFA ICO Details

Kosher Factor Network has scheduled an ICO for March 1, 2018.

The company will launch their official Kosher Factor Network tokens (KFA) during the token sale. KFA are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a total supply of 100 million tokens.

The token sale ends on April 29.

The token exchange rate varies throughout the sale. During the first stage (March 1 to 10), tokens are set at a rate of 1 ETH = 5,000 KFA. By the end of the ICO, tokens have risen in price to a rate of 1 ETH = 1,000 KFA.

The main purpose of KFA tokens is to pay subscription fees to the Kosher Factor Network.

Kosher Factor Network Pricing

Developers and businesses can sign up for Kosher Factor Network after the ICO. There are two types of subscription available:

  • Single Site License ($499 Per Month, Payable in KFA Tokens): This license grants developers access to use KFA for a single website only.
  • Business License ($1599 per Month, Payable in KFA Tokens): This license grants developers access to use KFA for an unlimited number of websites.

Kosher Factor Network will also offer customized plans for custom third party integrations. After paying your subscription fee, you can access the Kosher Factor Network dashboard and begin managing permissions on your website, application, or online service.

Who’s Behind Kosher Factor Network?

Kosher Factor Network is being developed by a worldwide team of “passionate and retired cyber security and data transfer developers as well as young innovative engineers in the identity protection industry.”

The company formed in Q3 2017. By Q2 2019, they’re aiming to get KFA enabled on 100,000 websites.

Kosher Factor Authentication Conclusion

Kosher Factor Network aims to create the future of online verification.

The token sale for KFA tokens is underway throughout March and April 2018. The company aims to release their browse extension, developer console, desktop browser, and fingerprint scanner before the end of 2018.

To learn more about Kosher Factor Network and its unique authentication system, visit online today at

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