The KR80S has just ended. However, it is important to understand first what KR8OS means or implies. To begin with, initiators of the platform believe that greater transparency begins with the KR8OS tokens. They refer to them as Marketing Analytics Tokens or MATs.

Since the presale has ended, the platform now avails another opportunity for investors to purchase their tokens in the first quarter of 2018, when it plans to launch its ICO.

The KR80S Timeline

For detailed information on the planned activities for KR80S, you should visit their blog. Even so, the following is a rough timeline of the planned activities:

  • Token presale and platform MVP release: 4th quarter 2017
  • KR8OS ICO launch: 1st quarter 2018
  • Advertiser dashboard launch: 2nd quarter 2018
  • Attribution dashboard launch: 4th quarter 2018

The Problem

KR8OS believes that there is a problem that needs to be fixed in the marketing world. Take, for example, advertising. Traditionally, advertising used to be awesome, pitching a message about your product or service to consumers munching at the bit to buy. However, things have changed.

Today, advertising is much more complicated, especially with several technologies in place, competing for the same audience. What’s worse, there is the monopoly of control in almost everything including the rules. In the end, there is no transparency.

In addition, the advertisers are compelled to pay exorbitant prices for targeting and attribution, a process that is usually erroneous and fraudulent. On the other hand, small publishers who usually don’t get credit for the adverts they do, end up competing for craps. Besides, research reveals that in 2016 alone, businesses lost up to 16.5 billion dollars due to data discrepancies, which can go as high as 20%.

In the end, KR8OS believes that no one receives equal value for the services they provide. Therefore, it is ready to offer a lasting solution to the problem.

The KR80S Solution

Utilizing the blockchain technology, KR8OS seeks to initiate a decentralized marketing analytics and attribution. Even so, the platform believes that it is impossible to address the problem of transparency in a black box.

For that reason, the program chose to conduct all its operations on the blockchain, which is an open platform that no one owns and whose data no one can alter. With this technology in mind, KR8OS is here to revolutionize the advertising industry. The system operates in five major steps:

  • Step 1: Events enter through any node and are transmitted through a gossip protocol
  • Step 2: Verification nodes compute attributions independently. In this step, a verifier client matches each client to the publisher that generated the most recent click to the app store or website. This happens by using a device ID or a click ID
  • Step 3: in this step, the verifiers use the blockchain for consensus on computed attribution
  • Step 4: the verifiers get paid in ETHER
  • Step 5: the publishers can test their app or site and observe clicks and conversions in the network

More importantly, KR8OS has big plans ahead and seeks to join hands with like-minded partners and interested investors.

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