What Is Krablr?

Krablr is an application through which millennial crab hobbyist interact with an aim of making sales. Using the GPS information of the user’s device, the app automatically searches for other Krablr users within the vicinity. On the event that the search is successful, the two parties can meet physically and negotiate on the pricing of the crabs.

Furthermore, Krablr ensures that the set price is fair by forcing the users to use the emoji keyboard. After settling on a final figure, a Krablr driver will pick up the crabs from the seller and pass them on to the buyer. Fundamentally, Krablr operates on the same basis as the Uber taxi service.

How Krablr Blockchain Crabs Cryptocurrency Works


By adopting blockchain technology, Krablr hopes to eliminate the issues of transparency and costly transactions, which are usually intensified by the presence of intermediaries. The blockchain-driven marketplace will facilitate peer-to-peer connections between buyers and sellers, maximizing profits for the former, while the latter gets to enjoy affordable costs. Also, both parties will benefit from the presence of a ready platform where they can access their desired products or services.

The Krablr blockchain intends to transform the protocol used in the development of decentralized applications, prioritizing aspects such as speedy development, security and interactivity among DApps. This will be done through the establishment of an abstract foundation layer, which will enable every member to create smart contracts and decentralized applications with individualized arbitrary rules for ownership, transaction formats and state transition functions.

Additionally, Krablr proposes a decentralized system where transactions are sent over a network of micropayment channels whose transfer of vale takes place outside the blockchain. This will ensure that users require only a connected computer to transact over the network.

Krablr KrabCoin Token ICO Details

Krablr is currently planning to hold a crowdsale event during which it will issue KrabCoin utility tokens. Lauded as the biggest ICO in history, investors will need to part with a minimum of $100,000 to participate in the fundraising event, which aims to raise a whopping $1 trillion. The proceeds from the token sale will be primarily directed to the development of a world-class breeding ground for crabs. In words of the project’s founder, they are building ‘a Manhattan housed in an aquarium under the sea.’

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