What Is Kratos?

KRATOS is a distributed commodities trading platform whose objective is to transmute and improve global tangible commodity trading all over its product life cycle. There are challenges one has to face during commodities trading, including manual certification, inadequate belief, and needless third parties.

Some of these challenges often lead to considerable delays when it comes to time and well as exorbitant charges. The KRATOS platform is an ethereum based platform which makes use of the innovative blockchain technology as well as smart contracts to fix these challenges. Consequently, the platform is effective in delivering pellucidity, less complexity and advanced competence. Using the platform guarantees lower charges and well-timed conveyances.

KRATOS has come up with a Token Curated Registry process for trades which can be submitted via its platform. The trades surrendered on the stand for trade money will be curated by those who have the tokens. Consequently, the curation process should lead to a list of high quality trades, which signify a subset of trades that may otherwise not access any kind of financing.

The Kratos Blockchain Physical Commodities Trading Solution

Real World Usage

White listed information on successful trades will lead to the expansion of SMEs in order to access prospective investors. Consequently, it will be very effective for the potential financers to vet the list of top trades, instead of vetting any potential traders.

Market Adoption Potential

Another great advantage of using KRATOS is the fact that the platform digitizes the present process which is paper-based through making use of smart contracts. This is effective in leading to a reduction of overhead expenditures and timely conveyance of service processes.

Additionally, the platform offers an end-to-end solution for the whole commodities trading bionetwork. This is because the platform is made up of KYC, HR, Management as well as fiscal components of the business.

Market Presence

The KRATOS platform is very fast due to the fact that it runs on smart contract protocols as well as blockchain technology. Consequently, the overhead costs are lowered to the minimal fixed costs.

Kratos TOS Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • A utility token
  • Established on Ethereum ERC-20
  • To be utilized for token curation registry processes
  • Token name: TOS
  • Token value: 1000 TOS =1 ETH less 20%
  • Token value (ICO): 1000 TOS=1 ETH
  • Total supply: 300,000,000
  • Pre-ICO period: 80,000,000
  • ICO period crowdsale: 85,000,000

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