Krios KRI Coin

Social media is becoming a bigger part of our lives every day and companies spend millions of dollars on advertising to reach as many potential customers as possible. The Krios platform is built to help businesses around the world setting up teams to create, manage and monetize multichannel marketing campaigns and social media campaigns.

What is Krios KRI?

Krios KRI is created to help business to lower their marketing cost by helping them to connect with influencers, Marketing Managers, Designers Ad-Manager etc. directly, setting up a full-scale marketing team. Through the platform, you are able to manage and coordinate your campaign at a fraction of the cost.

Krios helps to streamline processes that cater to a company’s various marketing needs, whilst maintaining effectiveness and ease-of-use. Executing a marketing campaign, bringing together a project team that can efficiently work together while coordinating multiple platforms, task, and other stakeholders is a complicated and expensive operation.

The global online marketplace, decentralized affiliate network & campaign management platform of Krios helps connect businesses looking for promotional and affiliation help with influencers and professionals who work within the social media space. Krios will assist and support businesses by setting up and running their media campaigns

How It Works

Businesses can build their individual campaigns from scratch and monitor their progress until finish directly on the Krios platform. Functions include hiring via smart contracts, payment for the team and advertising cost with the Krios coin, monitoring your success, controlling of your ad-spend and much more.

Campaigns will each have a dedicated page where business-owners can track the work, progress, and payments of every contributor.

Krios KRI Coin and ICO Details

Krios KRI Coins are ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain. KRI allows users to access the Krios ecosystem and grants for a secure, private and decentralized procedure of confirming and controlling the transactions within the it. KriosCoin is a utility token that can be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, content creators and businesses.

650,000,000 KRI will be created during a single token creation event and will be distributed during two phases – a Pre-ICO and the ICO. 150,000,000 KRI are reserved for the Team, Founders, and Investors.

Krios KRI Coin Will Be Available For Purchase

  • Pre-ICO: Nov. 17 – Nov. 30, $0.07c per KRI
  • ICO: Jan. 8th – Feb 16th, $0.10c per KRI
  • Total Token Supply: 650,000,000 KRI

All un-sold tokens will be burned, no new KRI will be created. Krios will use funds raised from the pre-ICO and the ICO to finalize development of the platform, expand the team, compensate advisors and current team members and launch the platform worldwide. A portion of the budget is also reserved for promotional efforts.

Krios KRI Coin Verdict

This new blockchain based platform can be a good addition to normal job/freelance search platforms or work collaboration platforms. Investing in those new platforms can be exciting, we still advise all interested investors to stay curious and do research before investing in new projects. We are excited to see how the Krios ICO will perform.

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