Krops KRO claims to be the “world’s first agriculture marketplace crypto equity ICO”. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Krops KRO?

Krops, found online at, is an agricultural marketplace that wants to become the largest food hub in the world – without owning a single farm.

KropsCoins are now available through a pre-sale, which is scheduled for December 15, 2017 to February 15, 2018. A general ICO will then take place from March 1 until April 30, 2018.

Krops has ambitious goals for its platform. The platform wants to do more than just connect farmers with sellers. The platform wants to help solve the global food crisis. The Krops website explains that agricultural supply is struggling to keep up with demand. Meanwhile, farmers around the world are suffering from inefficient production techniques and inefficient trading.

Krops wants to solve that problem by connecting farmers directly to customers.

You can download the Krops app online today from the Google Play Store. The app is already connecting farmers with buyers in the Philippines, for example. Over $12 million in transactions have been completed on the platform so far.

What Problems Does Krops Seek To Solve?

Krops seeks to solve problems like:

  • There’s a global food problem, and supply is struggling to catch up with demand
  • Farmers struggle to sell their produce at a competitive price
  • Trade barriers prevent farmers from gaining direct access to buyers and end users
  • The agriculture system is inefficient, which is one reason why we have a food crisis

The main problem that Krops seeks to solve is that farmers struggle to connect directly with the people who buy their crops. Today’s system isn’t an efficient way to connect these two parties together.

How Does Krops Work?

Krops is a platform where users can access every food source in the world – including food produced by the largest agricultural corporations and the smallest backyard farms. Customers access the platform through an app.

Meanwhile, farmers can sign up for the Krops app to sell produce directly to customers worldwide. Farmers don’t have to work with middlemen to sell their crops. Instead, farmers and growers can use Krops to meet directly with market stall owners, restaurant owners, supermarket owners, and ordinary consumers.

Krops is available to download today from the Google Play Store.

After you install the app, you can sign up as a buyer or a seller. If you sign up as a buyer, then you can scroll through a list of a diverse range of agricultural products. You can view the price of each product, its location, and information about the farm where it was produced.

As a seller, you have your own profile of products. You can upload photos of your products, pin your location on a map, and start selling products directly to customers.

In terms of payment, Krops works like any other online ordering service: you can pay using ordinary transaction methods like credit cards and debit cards. Money is transferred to or from your Krops wallet.

The end result is that farmers and buyers can find the best possible price on local agricultural goods, then complete a transaction in a secure way. That’s why Krops sees itself as “the future of global agriculture.”

So far, Krops has processed over $17 million USD in transactions. The platform has connected 7,000+ farmers and buyers, and the available inventory listed through the app exceeds $264 million USD.

Who’s Behind Krops?

Krops was launched in the Philippines in January 2017. The app performed $1200 worth of transactions (9 total transactions) in the first month.

The Krops wallet was launched in June 2017. By October, Krops had completed $12 million worth of transactions. The next goal is to continue expanding across Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries.

The project is being developed by a company called Black Cell Technology Limited, Inc., which was incorporated in January 2017.

Key members of the team include Joseph Calata (CEO), a Filipino entrepreneur and agriculture expert. Other listed members of the team include Barty Espino IV (Global Expansion Sales Director), Chie Malaki (Business Growth Executive), Richard Kennedy Domingo (Chief Technology Officer), and Rose Ann Gonzaga (Chief Financial Officer).

The company is headquartered in Hong Kong.

The Krops KRO ICO

The Krops pre-sale began on December 15 and is scheduled to end on February 15, 2018. A total of 6.4 million tokens are available during the pre-sale, with 16 million KropCoin (KROPS) sold throughout the entire ICO. There’s a total supply of 20 million tokens, with the remaining 20% of tokens (4 million) distributed to the team with a 6 month cliff and 2 year vesting period.

In the future, you’ll be able to redeem KropCoins for shares in the company. After the company goes public, you’ll be able to exchange 8 tokens for 1 share. The token represents company ownership.

The general ICO begins on March 1, 2018 and will continue until all tokens are sold (or until April 30, 2018).

Tokens are being sold at $1 USD per token, with a price cap of $9.33 per token.

Krops KRO ICO Conclusion

Krops is an existing app on the Google Play Store. You can download the app today to connect with growers and farmers in your local area. You can discover local prices, pay farmers directly, and browse thousands of different types of items.

To learn more about how Krops works, visit online today at The pre-sale is underway until February 15, 2018.

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