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As of now, anyone in the job market can attest to the fact that each job opening in your work seems to attract more qualified applicants. That is a common occurrence in regards to the high number of graduates who are unemployed. But this sad situation is a result of unethical employer behavior such as discrimination or favoritism. Additionally, most qualified candidates miss out due to other applicants falsifying work information on their resumes. While proving the authenticity of the info is becoming a challenge; blockchain is acting as a database solution for secure and authentic information regarding any job applicant. Here’s one blockchain venture that wants to redesign the whole job market structure and make job applications authentic.

What Is Krow Network?

The Krow Network is a blockchain platform that will enable the storage of all job data or interactions between employees and employers through the seamless integration within blockchain technology. Additionally, the network will help match employees to employers through a metric connection that works based on skills, education, or experience. In essence, KROW will act as a smart resume database for employees and employers within the platform.

How Krow Network KRW Token For Global Labor & Job Market Works

The KROW network works on the smart resumes of each job applicant. The resumes will hold into account every interaction that the user performs within the Krow platform. Upon application, each party present to the application process receive the smart resume. The employer gets to see the applicant’s past interactions, rating and every other job details in real-time. Each prior interaction will have an assessment of the individual based on his or her previous employer. The smart communication is the past remunerations of the employee regarding KROW tokens (KRW).

KROW Advantages


The blockchain resume database will automatically make [your resume searchable by potential employers and recruiters who use the KROW platform. Your job information will be available –in real-time to the users within KROW, unlike other job boards.


It is always convenient to apply for jobs while on-the-go as you won't have to worry about recruiters asking for an automatic resume. The mobile-optimized KROW platform will allow recruiters and hiring managers to view your resume on their devices and determine your eligibility.

Resume Scoring-

The use of real-time blockchain capabilities will give employers an automatic resume scoring metric for all job applicants. Each candidate’s resume within the database is subject to a tool that automatically determines if a candidate within the KROW platform is fit regarding skills, experience, and education.

No Chances Of Scams-

The KROW network will work with established recruiters, employers and authentic job seekers to ensure all the job postings are safe, and legitimate.

Why KROW Network Has Potential

It is evident that our current job hunting is full of challenges which often cost us the job we so desire. A major harmful lie also within the employment sector with unethical acts towards job allocation. However, innovations such as KROW are unique in creating a change in how job and wealth distribution might take place. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology allows for a free and fair reviewing of candidates without the need for politics or pragmatics. As such, it would be fair to say that KROW Network will bring positive changes not only on how we apply for jobs but also our career performance.

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