Kruma promises to offer banking “with the true currency exchange rate.” Find out what that means today in our review.

What is Kruma?

Kruma, found online at, aims to be the preferred bank for “people who don’t stay in one place.”

If you spend a lot of time traveling to different countries, then you probably pay enormous fees. You pay when you withdraw money from a foreign ATM, for example. You pay a premium when you exchange two different currencies.

With that in mind, Kruma promises to offer products like a mobile app and a “free global currency debit card” that will offer the true exchange rate. The goal is to make borderless banking convenient and affordable for travelers.

Kruma is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

How Does Kruma Work?

Kruma will consist of two core products, including a mobile app and a free global currency debit card.

Users will be able to exchange currency using their mobile app, then spend the exchanged money on a Kruma virtual or plastic card while they travel.

You open the mobile app, browse through a list of countries and currencies, then complete the exchange for free. If you’re traveling from the United States to France, for example, then you can open the mobile app before you take off, transfer USD into EUR, then instantly have access to EUR funds when you land. The foreign currency transaction is processed at the “true” exchange rate with no fees.

The goal is to allow users to spend their money anywhere in the world. The company is currently developing its MVP. The project was first announced in December 2017.

Overall, Kruma aims to offer free banking and currency exchange catered to travelers and digital nomads.

Who’s Behind Kruma?

Kruma Financial is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based company. The company is led by founder Ali Farah as well as COO and founder Theo Denanyoh. The two founded the company in October 2017.

Kruma Conclusion

Kruma aims to make borderless banking less expensive and more convenient. The goal is to offer customers “the true exchange rate”. Instead of paying 2.5% to 3.5% fees from your bank for every foreign exchange transaction, for example, you can pay the “real” exchange rate between currencies.

The bank’s two core products include a mobile banking app and a debit card. You manage currencies using the mobile app. Then, you use the mobile app to load currencies onto your debit card.

To learn more about Kruma and how it works, visit online today at The banking platform was announced in December 2017. The team is working on the MVP throughout 2018.

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