What Is KryptoBits?

Kryptobits in a unique banking platform built on blockchain technology that offers both crypto and fiat banking and financial services such as loans, instant fiat exchange, virtual POS for companies and escrow services.

Kryptobits creates an ecosystem that seeks to address the current challenges that face cryptocurrency market and in doing so improve the adoption of crypto solutions such as crypto trading systems that are transparent and accessible to both experienced and beginner traders.

Challenges KryptoBits Seeks To Solve

Some of the challenges include difficulty of integrating crypto exchanges with fiat banking due to its complex procedures, drawbacks and inefficiencies of Ethereum, and the fact that investment in crypto assets in mainly limited to experts. With these in mind, beginners find it difficult to make investments in the assets as they have low usability and are very volatile.

The Kryptobits Decentralized Banking Ecosystem Componets

The banking platform is made up of various components that merge and form the Kryptobits ecosystem.

Kryptobits Exchange

This new generation exchange platform enables users to trade or exchange cryptocurrency to fiat or to another cryptocurrency. The platform is secure and operates with fiat similar to the traditional banks.

Karto Chain

An Ethereum based blockchain runs the internal currency of the platform. The blockchain mainly seeks to improve on the inefficiencies of the current blockchain technology.

Montbrun Cards

The Montbrun cards are functional in the Kryptobits exchange whereby they enable users to convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat money. Furthermore, the card enables users to make instant withdrawals and purchases.

Kryptobits Coins And Tokens

The platform works using the Kryptobits Token (KBE), KartoCoin, and the KartoStep. KBE is the platform's utility token; it offers token holders the ability to access service available in the Kryptobit exchange and the numerous benefits obtained from using the tokens such as discounts. The KBE tokens will be issued during the token sale.

Kartocoin is the main current within the platform. It is the accepted method of payment for the services within the platform and offers owners with access to the platform. Coin owners can exchange the coin for fiat or cryptocurreny in the Kryptobits exchange or any other major cryptocurrency exchange.

Finally, there is the KartoStep that ensures the execution of smart contracts within the KartoCoin. KartoSteps are not tradable on crypto exchanges.

Kryptobits Traders

The crypto trading system has unique features and is more efficient compared to the trading systems in the economy today. The Kryptobits trader is also less risky than other systems, as it is more secure and offers investors with more profits.

KryptoBits Benefits


Depending on the number of tokens that a user owns, they will receive automatic discounts on exchange fees anytime they participate on the exchange platform.


Investors who purchase the KBE tokens during the token sale will receive free KartoCoins, which are redeemable for services offered on the platform.

Repurchase Of Tokens

The profitably of the investment is guaranteed as the Kryptobits will repurchase all the tokens at a fixed price after 12 months from when the exchange was developed.

KryptoBits KBE Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: KBE
  • Sale date: May 17 – August 24 2018
  • Tokens on offer: 1,442,000,000
  • Soft cap: 4 Million €
  • Hard cap: 100 Million €
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, FIAT (EUR)
  • Minimum investment: 100 TOKENS

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