KryptoBonds KBS ICO

For quite some time, individuals have made use of financial bonds as it is a medium of making investments that have long-term benefits with minimal and safe returns. However, there had been some difficulty in finding bond equivalents in the cryptocurrency world, even though there are quite a number of fiduciary currency bond-based schemes available at the moment.

The general aim of KryptoBonds is to change and find solutions to this problem by finding a way to way to assist the use of bonds in the cryptocurrency market.  This process is done mainly by letting holders of KryptoBonds to slowly variegate their portfolios and in the process create a new method if money investment.

KryptoBonds is very different for the average bond options as it makes use of blockchain technology.  An interesting fact about KryptoBonds is that customers do not need to buy any form of a ticket or revoke unlike other initiatives of cryptocurrency.

The company offers monthly prizes.  For the customers to be able to be able to win, the unharmed to buy the indigenous KryptoBonds token through the website.  The prizes awarded is within the confines of 15,000 to 240,000 dollars which will be paid in cryptocurrency form.

Benefits Of KryptoBonds

KryptoBonds is very easy to use

This is one of the advantages of a good cryptocurrency service as ease if understanding is a very important feature to have. The ease of understanding allows the investment to be made hitch free without any problems.

With KryptoBonds, you will receive automatic dividends

Automatic dividends are added to the users for every KryptoBonds token they purchase.  Also, every token has an identity that is unique that allows for equal chances of winning for all users in the monthly prize raffle draw. This invariably means that the more KryptoBonds you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Customers are given the opportunity of choosing firm different unique pathways

With KryptoBonds, the customers are given three different options by which they can receive their returns. The opportunities are in the form of token revaluation, dividends, and monthly draws.

KryptoBonds KBS ICO Overview

90,000,000 KBS is where the KryptoBonds KBS ICO has been capped in the market, and this is according to the official whitepaper of the company KryptoBonds is under. There are different phases of the distribution of the coins.

There is the Pre-ICO phase which will state on 5th January, and it will provide its users with large benefits. The next phase us the ICO phase that starts after the Pre-ICO phase which is by 18th of January.  This phase is expected to run for 3 months, and the token price stricture will vary with each week. There is a 20% bonus in week one and two, 13% coin bonus in week three and four, 7% coin bonus in week five and six and 0% coin bonus in week seven.

KryptoBonds KBS ICO Conclusion

KryptoBonds KBS ICO is quite different from others as all tokens that were not sold will be burned once the KryptoBonds KBS ICO has been concluded.


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