KryptoMachine is a bitcoin scam that works like a pyramid scheme. Find out everything you need to know about this “opportunity” today in our review.

What Is KryptoMachine?

KryptoMachine is a bitcoin “investment” website that appeared online in late August / early September. The website functions like a pyramid scheme: you pay a fee to join, then recruit people through your referral link.

According to all reviews we could find online, the website has never paid money to anyone. It’s purely a scam setup to take your initial bitcoin investment and disappear. You can recruit people through your link, but you’ll never be able to withdraw your money.

The website is found online at

How Does KryptoMachine Work?

KryptoMachine claims to work in a straightforward way:

Step 1) Submit your bitcoin wallet address to the site (“we only need your wallet address to track the invites and send your earnings”)

Step 2) Receive your personal referral link

Step 3) Invite people

Step 4) “Withdraw bitcoins”

As “proof” the system works, the company has a fake Facebook comments section. That comments section makes it look like 69,274 people have “liked” the offer. In reality, this is all part of the scam. There are also several comments from people who claim to have withdrawn their bitcoins and that the scheme “works just flawlessly”. Again, these are fake comments setup to convince you that KryptoMachine isn’t a scam.

In any case, KryptoMachine claims to pay you 0.00300129 per each user you sign up, which is about $13 at the current exchange rate. Again, we have no evidence that the company has paid anyone.

You can go through the entire KryptoMachine referral process with KryptoMachine. However, when you try to withdraw your money, you’ll get a pop-up saying, “Human Verification Required”. You’ll need to complete an offer to unlock your payment. The offers include surveys, shopping trials, and other scammy things.

Even if you complete these offers correctly, you’ll never be able to withdraw your money. It’s just a scam designed to funnel traffic and conversions towards various online properties. KryptoMachine gets paid for each conversion, and you get nothing.

Who’s Running KryptoMachine?

The domain was registered on August 30, 2017. As with most bitcoin scams, the founder refuses to disclose any personal information.

There’s no further information about the company available online. Even the website’s “Support” page is listed as “currently unavailable.” So we don’t have a single way to contact the makers of KryptoMachine.

KryptoMachine Conclusion

KryptoMachine is a blatant bitcoin scam that promises to pay you enormous amounts of money in exchange for referring other people to the platform. In reality, the company lets you collect fake money in your account. Then, when you try to withdraw your money, you’ll be forced to jump through various online offers and surveys. The website never lets you withdraw your money – it’s just a scheme to funnel traffic and conversions towards KryptoMachine’s partner properties.

We know nothing about the founders of KryptoMachine or who is running the website. as with anything on the internet, it’s a bad idea to do business with anyone who refuses to disclose their identity.

Ultimately, KryptoMachine is an obvious bitcoin scam you should avoid at all costs.

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