What Is Krypton Capital?

This is an early stage venture that is focused primarily on the Blockchain ventures. This is the first launch of the firm – and the direction is going in the way of several different sectors like media, technology, blockchain, cyber and others.

Last year in 2017, Krypton launched their platform. It was an investment firm that was based on Cryptocurrency related businesses all over the globe. They were seeking to build and develop a sustainable ecosystem of different company entities that would work together to help each other succeed. They aimed to increase the overall value of their partners and investors total revenue. They partnered and paired up strong teams that would work together with drive and passion due to their love for entrepreneurialism and the blockchain technology.

Apparently, they have more then 12 years of total experience combined within the team. They are attempting to bring together 48 companies with more than 140million dollars in project investments. With 16 of the 48 businesses having receive global awards.

Krypton Capital Bitcoin, FinTech & Blockchain News Key Aspects

They’re extremely optimistic about the future of their blockchain. They are focused primarily on certain aspects of the technology more so than others:

  • Blockchain software for serving and other activities
  • Internet marketing, social media and affiliate systems
  • News and online data
  • Optimal payment solutions
  • Token and ICO sales for related companies
  • Cryptocurrency brokers

Another part of the launch will include their own Crypto TV. It’s the latest venture from Krypton Capital. They aim to create a station that brings blockchain technology to the masses of people in the world who don’t know anything about it. They want to focus primarily on informative programs with depth that are considered to be entertaining. It’s a huge step for the company, one that could accelerate their growth exponentially. It seems the entire team is genuinely excited about Crypto TV and it’s launch. Keep an eye out for it, it sounds like something you do not want to miss.

Krypton Capital Krypton Capital Crypto TV Conclusion

That’s essentially all the information available on the Krypton Capital website. They don’t divulge any information about the team behind the scenes but hopefully they will in time. They make claims about experience, but without verification – it’s all considered here say. Still, they have a good attitude about them, keep an eye on this company and see what kind of information they will divulge about their personal information before making any large sums of investments.

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