Launch of the LEVER8 by Krypton Capital to Lift PR Difficulties on Behalf of Businesses

With heightened exposure to cryptocurrency markets through ICOs, getting the message across to consumers, especially newbies to this tech, can be difficult.

Krypton Capital, a venture capital investment company, has recently launched its LEVER8, a PR service provider that can set strong blockchain projects on a higher level.

According to Krypton Capital’s core values, providing a PR service like that of the LEVER8 for start-ups is crucial, as it can act as the foundation for implementing communication strategies, managing the PR messages and ultimately, helping businesses build a respectable stance within their industry of interest.

In a recent interview with the founder and CEO of Krypton Capital, IIan Tzorya, an enhanced perspective on Krypton Capital’s values have been discussed. Tzorya strongly believes that their services will help businesses state their goals and efforts in an easy-to-understand manner.

In particular, the statement from crypto website goes as follows, “We launched LEVER8 to help companies that need quality PR to communicate their ideas and products.”

As for LEVER8’s services, they range from the ways of attaining a positive reputation for a company to the finest details regarding PR documentation, risk factors, thorough analysis of the project in hand as well as a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis. Should one need more perspectives on overcoming possible challenges, PR teams will be present for guidance.

Since Krypton Capital’s investment portfolio consists of different assets from diverse industries, their LEVER8 is highly likely to aid businesses as needed. In particular, Co-Owner and CEO of LEVER8, Diana King, stated that,

“All LEVER8 team members have extensive experience in the blockchain and crypto field and deep understanding of industry needs.”

Will Krypton Capital’s efforts bring quality to cryptocurrency start-ups?

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