Kryptonite1 KR1 ICO Review

Kryptonite1 KR1 is a cryptocurrency company registered in London. Kryptonite1 invests in blockchain-cryptocurrencies and early stage projects. Interested traders can purchase Kryptonite1 shares through London’s NEX exchange. Traders who have advisor stockbroker accounts and maintain an investment manager can purchase shares of Kryptonite1 more directly.

How To Buy Shares Of Kryptonite1 KR1

The best way to purchase shares of Kryptonite1 is through the largest execution only broker in the United Kingdom named Hargreaves Lansdown. This broker has an easy to use interface and offers a low commission of one percent on each transaction.

The first step in purchasing a share of Kryptonite1 is to set up a Fund and Share Account online through the Hargreaves Lansdown website. Once an account is setup users can load funds into their account by searching for Kryptonite1 and selecting the deal tab.

Depending on the funds' daily liquidity investors may need to complete transaction over the telephone. Peterhouse Corporate Finance is a recommended dealer for managing purchases and trades of Kryptonite1 shares and they are available by calling +44 207 4690930.

Kryptonite1 Company Philosophy

As an investment company, Kryptonite1 works to gain a strong reputation within the blockchain field by investing in projects that it deems suitable. Once projects are identified investments help protects take shape and become successful.

Kryptonite1 is led be a qualified team directors and executive director carefully chooses projects to invest in with seed money before pulling out once success is achieved reinvesting funds into future projects. Some of the investments Kryptonite1 is involved with are Ethereum, ENIGMA, and AGRELLO.

In addition to funding small projects Kryptonite1 aims to fund early stage blockchain companies leading to holding long-term private equity. Since Kryptonite1 is actively traded on the London NEX system it is easy to pursue for investors and traders at all levels.

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