Do you feel that blockchain technologies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are not anonymous enough? Many cryptocurrency users feel this, so companies like Kryptonium have a fertile ground for growth in this industry. Kryptonium is a new blockchain that intends to offer the “ultimate privacy” option.

This company uses tools like “stealth smart contracts”, Ring CTs, I2P, atomic swaps, P2P chats with encryption, mobile mining and debit cards for the users. If you’re interested, read the review.

What is Kryptonium?

About Kryptonium ICO On KRYP

Token Symbol: KRYP

Token Sale Starts: April 30th, 2018

Token Sale Ends: June 30th, 2018

Token Price: 0.60 USD

Total Supply: 6 Million

When cryptocurrencies were still new, people thought that they could use them with total discretion. Unfortunately, some people discovered that their Bitcoins transactions could be traced by experts and that their privacy was exposed. Because of this, the creators of Kryptonium decide to use Cryptonote to create a secure blockchain technology that could be used to enhance the privacy of the user.

By introducing Zero Knowledge Smart Contracts and other important features, the creators were able to keep the control of the privacy in the hands of the user while still making a software that was easy to control because it was simple and straightforward.

This company was founded by Ronan McFeely (CEO) and Abdul Mukati (COO), which were concerned about security and privacy when they created the company. Other important members are Hamza Chhipa (project manager), “Interchained” (lead developer), Hitesh Khairwal (lead designer) and Joseph Haigh (content coordinator).

Kryptonium’s Stealth Smart Contracts

If someone were to summarise the main selling point of Kryptonium, it would certainly be the stealth smart contracts of the company. Smart contracts, as you may know, are automatic contracts that enforce transactions between users if certain conditions are met. Generally, every smart contract transaction stays on the blockchain forever.

Kryptonium wants to do different, though. By using Zero Knowledge features, the smart contracts will not retain the information about the users and it will be almost impossible to track the people who made the transfers.

To make the transactions even more secure, all the conversations in the official P2P chat of the company will be encrypted, so nobody will be able to see them and your conversations while you deal with people.

The Kryptonium Token Sale

The sale will begin on April 30 and last until June 30, lasting about two months. You will be able to use ETH, BTC and LTC to buy Kryptonium tokens from the company. During the first month, the tokens will cost 0.60 USD and their value will vary between 0.75 and 1 USD in the second month of the sale.

There will be 6,000,000 tokens for sale (3.37% of the total). The number is small in percentage because 90% of the tokens will be mineable, as this will be a proof-of-work blockchain and mining will be vital to its existence and success. To be able to buy tokens, you have to spend at least $50 USD.

The Kryptonium Verdict

You can definitely say that this will be a useful blockchain. We already have Zcash, Monero and other really private cryptos, but privacy is never enough, so it is definitely something positive that companies like this are coming into existence.

If you do not already use Monero, Zcash or some similar currency and you want to upgrade your anonymity in the cryptocurrency market, then, by all means, buy Kryptonium tokens and invest in this company. It looks like it has a good chance of being successful, so it’s definitely a good idea to invest while the price is low.

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