Cryptocurrency exchanges are flourishing everywhere, but the unfortunate fact is that many of them are far from perfect. To the contrary, many cryptocurrency exchanges have their issues, which makes it difficult for users to maximize the full benefit that they deserve. Fortunately, there is a new exchange that claims that that it has identified major issues with existing exchanges and has remedied such problems with its own. The new exchange, called Kryptono, is a Singapore-based exchange that opened for account registration May 1st.

There are several qualities that make Kryptono Crypto Exchange different from other cryptocurrency exchanges out there. For example, dissimilar from other exchanges out there, this one has proper security measures in place that can protect users’ assets. Second, there are safeguards against price manipulation, such as systemic machine intelligence mechanisms. Finally, users can feel confident that their portfolio values are accurate and protected as well.

Those who are interested in using this new cryptocurrency exchange will be able to do so starting May 1st. Those who register early will receive a few KNOW token once they complete basic KYC.

The only trading available at such a point will be internal. Thereafter, trading will open to the public on June 1st. On June 15th, the platform will launch XPAD so that ICO projects can take place. Finally, on July 1st, the platform will support other blockchain coins and tokens. To learn more about this exchange or to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

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